Once the shoes fit!

Good Evening guys!!!!!

Happy day to each and every one of you, how are you all doing today? I hope perfect! So my day is winding down currently 9:37PM right at this very sentence and I can say I have had a pretty packed day so far! Started at 5:15AM and here I am now, about 5 minutes ago I was just laying flat in bed thinking of how sore and achy my back was and how much I did NOT want to be in an upright sitting position until I return to my desk job tomorrow but! Here I am sitting 🙂 I had to dig deep to find the willpower but I got it! I am sure tens of thousands of people are having much more jam packed days so what’s a little more sitting for me right!? I learned that sometimes you just have to think of things a little differently to get more things you want to get done…done. Anywho! There I go rambling which rambling is not the reason I told myself, you are going to write before you sleep ha!

So as you all may know from my last post, I will be soon travelling to Dubai (6 days to go!) I am super excited but I have yet to pack! I started putting bits and pieces to the side of what I’d ideally like to take but nothing has gone into my suitcase as yet, kinda cutting it close with that but! I am sure I will get it done sooner than later but as I said bits and pieces have been set aside. Now when I travel, I seem to always have to bring multiple pairs of footwear, I need cozy footwear, I need causal footwear, I need causal chic footwear, but I also need dressy footwear, I am sure many of you can understand that not one pair will do with all outfits therefore many pairs must come for the ride! So today, I have decided to share with you guys the 4 pairs that for certain will be taking a trip to Dubai with me! Now over the next few days, I may just throw in another pair or two but we will see, at this moment I am certain on these 4!

Before we jump right right into the shoes and the details, I just wanted to say guys I have a very WIDE range of style and I really don’t cross much out when it comes to clothing, accessories, and shoes! It really depends on the look I am going for that day, but if there is one thing I really don’t mind having on me all the time…is sparkles and bling! I am a pretty razzle dazzle kinda girl so you can expect that. As for types/brands of shoes, again guys I am pretty fair game I honestly do like nice things but not all nice things have to break the bank so without further ado! Let’s get into what my feet will be wearing in Dubai! 🙂

  1. Cozy chic – So the first pair of shoes that I will be bringing along will also be the shoes I wear on my 14 hour flight! They are sneakers but with a little flare, so when I first started shopping for this trip I knew I wanted to get white sneakers…Actually I specifically had white air forces in mind as those are pretty classic and you can’t go wrong with them but then! I seen these, and it was meant to be guys! These are the Zellina white sneakers from Aldo, I got these for $85.00 and what can I say guys! It sparkles, it dazzles, it shines, and I love it! I can see it looking great already with tons of outfits and will be that extra little spice to any causal outfit I throw on all while feeling cozy!

  2.  Causal Poolside – And another one! Another sparkly shoe here we go! Whenever I travel I like bringing multiple pairs of sandals along as they are comfy, stylish, easy to pack, and always fits the occasion as every trip that I have been on so far has been to hot countries. I really liked the simplicity of these shoes with the smaller rhinestones outlining the straps. I feel as though they have a very feminine and elegant feel to them. Now, I don’t have the name for these shoes or a link but I did purchase these from a store named Adrene’s and guys! I got these sandals along with the ones I will show you below for under $15.00!!! Pretty amazing huh? Of course, these shoes will not last but I mean for the look and the purpose it will serve for its lifespan, I think $15.00 is pretty good!!!!!
  3.  Causal walk about – So here is the other shoe from Adrene’s guys that was included in the $15.00! These are also pretty cute, a little more strappy and secure so something I would not mind wearing say if I go out to the Mall while I am out there or while I go on a tour! This one does take it down a little with the sparkle and dazzle but that’s A-Okay! Sometimes the outfits call for a more simplistic look 🙂
  4. Red Hot Bottoms – Last but not least! May not even really be the last pair if I end up adding on more but yes guys! These will be the choice of shoes for my dressier option the ever famous Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes! These are the Magicadiva Chantilly 100MM Louboutins and yes guys! I have worn them before so the pretty red bottoms are a bit scratched up but hey! The top looks good as new! I really love these shoes, they are stunning! I love black and I love lace, what more could I ask for…sparkles maybe? Just kidding 🙂 These are awesome and pair well with pretty much any dress, they are a little tricky to walk in for long periods but! Let’s say these will be my sit down dinner shoes 🙂

So guys! There you have it, my feet will be well prepared for the various settings it will experience out in Dubai 🙂 Let me know what you think of my choices, which is your favorite, and what kinda shoes you pack on trips!! Thanks again for reading this brief post!

Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post!!

Later 🙂

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  1. Love the shoes you are planning on taking with you!

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