Let me update you – Life Changes

Hey hey hey Guys!! 🙂

How is everyone doing today? I hope everyone is perfect as usual, unfortunately as we all know there have been a series of unfortunate weather hitting various parts of the world from the hurricanes affecting parts of the States and Caribbean to the disastrous earthquake that recently hit Mexico. While positivity is always the best route, I know if you are being directly affected by these incidents staying positive and keeping strong is difficult, us looking in on the situation can never imagine the actual devastation that comes with the aftermath. With that being said, I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe and being well looked after and I strongly hope that we see an end to these natural disasters sooner than later.

Now, how am I you are probably wondering since I have been totally M.I.A for I want to say about 4 months? Maybe a little longer or a little shorter but recently I made a small appearance back on my blog and announced I will start posting regularly again moving forward. As much as I would like to promise 3 or more new posts a week, I will not at this point as I am now getting back on track and simply do not want to make a promise I cannot stand by so 🙂 let’s just go with the flow shall we! Today I just wanted to simply share with you guys where I have been, why did I stop posting, what have I been doing, and what’s coming up in my life! So enough intro chit chat, lets jump into the who, what, when, why, how…kinda 🙂

  1. Why did I stop posting?

Guys I admit it, for a period of time I was a quitter which really sucks to say but there is no other way to say it as its the truth. I quit, I gave up, and I kinda failed myself in terms of what I had set out to do with this blog when I began, I wanted this to be consistent, I wanted this to grow, I wanted to inspire others and be inspired but! I cut it short when the rest of my life felt like a downward spiral. As many of you know back in April I received some bad news from a job I was at day in and out for about 4 years, it was a really tough time and I just couldn’t believe it was happening you know, I went to work and always tried doing my best, proving myself of worth in hopes to move up the corporate ladder and in return I was basically told take a hike! Like I said, when that happened I was pretty devastated but! I did what I had to do which was look for another job and make that happen as soon as possible and while doing that, that became my only focus. My mind was…
Find opportunities –> Ace the interviews/testing –> Get hired –> Work hard, give it my all, and again master the new role I obtain

And that my fellow friends is why I stopped posting, I just got so tied up with doing that, that I just put a more personal passion of mine on the back burner. For you guys that know a bit more about my blogging I even stopped doing yoga which was something I was quite enjoying at that time! All my focus was driven towards finding a new job

2. So, now you know why…what about where have I been?

On the bright side guys! I was able to successfully land a job, actually I went to 3 interviews all around the same time for pretty reputable companies and I was not only selected for one but I ended up receiving all 3 offers and being able to have the decision in my hands. The various roles I applied for were Payroll, Credit and Finance, and a Marketing Management role. At the end of the day guys I went with the Management opportunity as I felt that would be the best to continue expanding my knowledge and grow as a person overall. So far it has been 3 months since I have been in my newfound position and at first I must say it was a huge change coming from finance to marketing and also the adjustment from being in a clerical role and now moving over to a manager title. It has taken me time to learn and adapt but at this point I feel comfortable and much more confident with my position which I feel that I can now take some of my time to focus on my blog! With the change of my job I now work downtown Toronto which has also been a big adjustment for me as I have always worked close to home but sometimes you just have to adjust with what life gives you and I can say! It has not been bad at all. I am not one that is super crazy about the downtown, fast pace lifestyle but I am getting more and more accustom to it as the days and months pass by 🙂 thankfully I have had the summer to experience the commuting so I should be well prepared for when the colder months start heading my way.

3. Plans for the future?

Ah yes future plans! So I don’t have anything too much planned for the future future (like 6 months down the line) but what I hope to accomplish as days pass is that I start picking back up much more here on my page and also increase my activity on my Instagram! When I stopped posting I also closed my Instagram page temporarily so, I am back up on that as well guys 🙂 Check me out there (lifestyleforyoureyes) I will try to post some cool photos…and speaking of cool photos 🙂 I kinda have something big that is happening next week? I won’t keep it back since its approaching so soon so!!!! Guys…


I am off on another trip! If you all remember or if your new to my page and now reading this, shortly before I stopped posting I came back from Thailand which was amazing!! I think I still owe you guys a good review/experience on that but yep I am packing my bags this week and off for 2 weeks to the amazing land of Dubai!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep 🙂 I will be off to Dubai next Tuesday which I am super excited for, while there I will also be visiting Abu Dhabi for a brief period of time and I will for sure be positing photos on my trip so!!!!!!!! Check out my Instagram guys if you are interested in being a part of my trip 🙂 This trip is actually my boyfriends 25th birthday gift that I prepared for him in August so we are super excited to go, experience the city, culture and of course celebrate his 25 years of life on this planet!

🙂 So guys!! That is kinda the update on my life as it is now, let me know if you guys are interested in a small Dubai packing blog before I go, if you want to see what I will be bringing along I will be sure to get that out to you guys this week since I gotta start packing asap! But I hope you enjoyed this little overview of what’s been up with me, I truly want to thank you guys for continuously visiting my page even when I was absent for so long! Its super amazing to see the support of each and everyone of you, you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day and Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post!

Take it easy 🙂

Photo Credit – Google https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=Krqm%2fSVJ&id=A77BFE1331BF75EBF6FE30115EBB161F4A0B0468&thid=OIP.Krqm_SVJ2KeDFrT8KKVdsQEsEs&q=life+update&simid=608039251994870793&selectedIndex=7&ajaxhist=0

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Ah, I’m so so happy for you that you got 3 offers and chose a job that you love! Management is my fave as well and I feel that it would really suit you and give you boundless opportunities with a bright future, congrats girl 🙂 Dubai is incredible and so worthwhile so I really hope you have an amazing time there! Def keep us posted here on WP ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️Thank you so much ! You are always so kind 🙂Yes! I thought it was the best next best step for my career! Still on the fence if the corporate world is for me but getting the experience in the meanwhile of figuring it out works right !? Yes for sure !! I am going to probably pack early this week so I’ll for sure write about things I plan on bringing and also share what things I have planned while in Dubai 😃👌🏾

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Beyoutiful says:

        awesome, have a great trip! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad that you got all three jobs! that’s really amazing! Can’t wait to read your posts about Dubai. It’s such a beautiful place and you are going in the best weather 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😃thanks so much, I got pretty lucky with that!! I guess it’s true better things are always yet to come!

      Yes!! I am so super excited for this trip and I definitely can’t wait to share my experience with everyone 🙂Thanks for always supporting and reading!❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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