Can you bear being bare?

HEY! Happy Wednesday Guys, Happy Middle of the week and Happy Mchappy day!! Did anyone visit a McDonald’s today to help contribute to raising money for the Ronald McDonald’s housing program for families?

I did! I purchased these super cool socks for $5.00 and all proceeds go towards continuing the Ronald McDonald’s housing program =) I don’t have a ton to give that is for sure but even if I have only $50.00 to my name I would happily give as there is something about giving that just makes me feel great!


So! I hope your happy happy and having a great day and as always if its not a Wednesday or middle of the week OR! Mchappy day where you are I still wish you a happy day nonetheless =) So it is a Wednesday evening here in Toronto and my mind has kinda been up and down with thoughts. Earlier on in the day I definitely did not plan on writing and I thought hmm I wrote yesterday so maybe leaving a day gap in between would be a good thing but then! My mind started up and a bunch of thoughts started swirling around my head on a variety of things, some things positive while some not so positive. When I first started blogging I would jot down any ideas I had which most of my posts were born based off the title I came up with, once I had a catchy title (catchy in my head) it was SO easy for me to write but during that period I was not posting my mind was not working that way. It kinda felt like my creativity hit snooze and was not getting up no matter what! But today guys! My mind started racing like that again…okie I lie, it actually started back up yesterday as I did something yesterday which kinda didn’t go as I expected but!! I won’t be talking about that today at least not for now, I will probably share that you guys later on but! I just don’t want to jump to conclusions right away =) plus if I got into all that now this post would probably end up with me sitting with tears in my eyes by the end of it and I refuse to have that happen to me today, right now, in this very moment, I say NO to sadness at this moment as I feel like sadness keeps winning these days in my life which is not cool!

So, as the you guys can probably tell this post is going to be more so of a chatty post not really about any sort of event or adventure I have participated in but just a good old chitty chat with you and I, I and you =) but I promise there is a point to this post! So, let’s get to it already righttttttttttt!

Earlier on today (about an hour ago) I was laying in bed watching Youtube videos now! Guys I get super carried away while on Youtube, I can literally sit/lay for hours watching it as there is so much to see about every and anything you want to see! So, most days I will check out new videos from channels I am subscribed to and after viewing those I will scan through my suggested videos to see if there is anything of interest there which most times there is!


Okie, I am forgetting a super important part of the puzzle here so rewind a little bit! Before!! I got into my Youtube frenzy I had to get home and all of that so big rewind!

6:10PM Toronto time – I got home this evening as usual from work, took off my jacket, used the washroom then came into my room to get ready for my shower but! Something felt different today when I was home…I opened up my curtain and the sun was shining a TON today and if you are in Toronto you would know that the weather has been pretty gloomy the past few days so seeing the sun was super nice! So I opened up my curtain and looked in the mirrors in my room a few times as I usually do when I get home but today I felt…pretty? But I did nothing special, I was just the way I was almost every other regular day as today was again just another regular day. I had my hair tied in a messy ponytail, no makeup, my skin was a bit oily after 9 hours from when I last washed and cleansed my face, and my outfit was casual (zip up hoodie and black jeans) but for some reason today I looked at myself and liked what I saw, so much so that I felt like taking a picture…WHAT!? Yep guys, me taking photos by myself is very rare, it was something I use to do a ton when I was a teenager and on Facebook and all but within the past couple years it was unfamiliar territory for me to take photos by myself. So, what did I do guys? I took a photo of myself but! As I still am hesitant in posting all of me on the internet I did a half way kinda shot which you will see what I mean below, hopefully sooner than later I will get over my “fear” and be comfortable to post photos freely! But! Although I took the photo I did not post it anywhere as I just had no idea what to caption it…

Now fast forward back to my Youtube frenzy! I came across a video today which was titled:

“Women go without makeup for a day” Here is the link guys, check it out!

I seen this and thought Hmm…this could be interesting to watch and boy was it! I was so shocked to hear that these women would think twice before leaving their house without makeup and by no means at all guys am I bashing makeup or anything of that sort because I love makeup! I totally wish I could be one of those girls that took that extra time to put on some makeup daily but I simply am not, most days I just could not be bothered but I guess that also shows that I am comfortable with stepping outside and going about my day to day tasks baring the complete me as I am.

Can you bear going bare throughout your day?

As the video began you can see that these three women were pretty unsure of what they were getting into, many of them feared how people that seen them on a day to day basis would react and they were also fearful of not looking professional if they went bare. As the video progressed, you see the ladies ask their co-workers if they noticed anything different which for the most part no one noticed!!! They all looked totally perfect with and without makeup. I feel that we create all this rumble in our head by ourselves by putting thoughts as…

“Oh they will notice I have no makeup on and think I look like I rolled out of bed”


“I look super unprofessional without makeup, I can’t show up to work like this…They will think I don’t care”

And I would be lying if I said these thoughts never crossed my mind as when I feel the need to look “professional” what do I do? I get out the makeup. Is makeup good? Of course, it is and you should do whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable but why do we feel that our bare face somehow reflects as unprofessional? Just really thinking about that thought now sounds so foolish to me! How can what you are naturally be unprofessional? Ahh! Questions, questions, questions!! Well guys, how all this ties in together with my moment of pretty from earlier is that after watching that I feel everyday I should be able to feel that sense of pretty. Being bare is pretty and of course wearing makeup is just as beautiful too but no one should ever feel like they have to wear makeup to be beautiful or to be professional. So guys! After that video I feel even more happy with myself for feeling pretty earlier on today =) it just reassured me that yes! I should feel that way and I should share my photo and because of that! I now have a reason to share my photo =). I hope no one ever feels that makeup is a do or die but more of a choice because you should always feel comfortable being just as you are! There will be days, and I can guarantee that you guys will most likely in the future read posts by me where I may be lacking confidence but that is life, things are always up and down! Thank you guys for reading my post today, I hope it gave you all a little to think about and inspires you to go out in the world just being bare you =)

Goodnight!! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureye Post


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  1. Ms Meehnia says:

    I wasn’t really feeling good from few day so I am actually to office with nothing but lipstick 😐
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope you felt comfortable =)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to have to watch this video. I’ve just started occasionally going out without any makeup and it definitely has improved my overall self-esteem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear ! I am so sorry for the extreme late reply, I took a break from blogging but I am looking forward to getting back into it! Thanks for reading and I hope you have continued your bare journey 😊


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