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Hello Guys Happy Friday, here it is Friday has arrived again which means the weekend is right around the corner. Now, usually I am super excited when I hit Friday because I get some time to relax, hang out with my boyfriend, run some errands etc. but this weekend is a bit different for me. In my previous post, I told you guys that I had recently lost my job so for the past 3 days I have had a lot of time to myself which I truly am not a homebody so this is pretty difficult for me. Strangely while I was at work and did have a day off I would be so excited and pack my day up by doing a bunch of things whether that be good old shopping, tidying up around the house, or working on my blog. Now I have all the time in the world and my mind is just…I can’t think of the right word but I am basically in a rut and nothing asides from doing nothing is appealing to me…Actually doing nothing but watching TV and Youtube is becoming quite irritating to say the least. So, long story short guys I feel super unmotivated and unsure of what to do with my time so, I apologize if I am a bit lacking in the blogging world in the next coming week…I want to write but I just feel a bit dreary however! Today I decided to try and post something and while laying on my bed thinking what could I possibly write about I seen quite a few bags on my ground which sparked an idea. I thought why not show you guys what shopping clothing wise I have done so far for my trip which is less than 2 weeks away! Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know watcha think of the outfits I have pieced together and in advance I apologize for some of the photo quality. I recently purchased a large mirror however, the lighting is not the greatest in my room and guys! I have not taken mirror photos in forever so! I feel that I look a bit awkward but =) gotta start somewhere, hopefully one day I’ll master it and be as good as Amrezy her photos are flawless!

So, leading up to this trip I honestly was not in a panic and clearly left everything pretty last minute as I figured I was going to a hot country and I already had a ton of summer clothing which I purchased for my two trips last year. My clothing from my previous trips consisted of a ton of shorts, bikinis, tank tops, dresses, skirts, halter tops, etc. After further research and watching videos of other peoples travel to Thailand I soon figured out that my summer clothing may not be what I should be wearing in this country. Thailand is a Buddhist country and their culture is quite different from the North American lifestyle especially with clothing. I found out that the locals of Thailand are not comfortable with a ton of skin showing especially for women. They like to have shoulders covered, no plunging necklines, pants and skirts to the knees or below and basically a very modest dress code. Now, I know the rules probably mainly apply for the locals who live in Thailand and have grown up in this fashion as I have seen clips of tourists out and about in the country wearing shorts and tank tops but! I personally do not want to offend anyone in their homeland and prefer to live the lifestyle that is normally lived by the people of the land. So, with that being said I set out on a hunt for t-shirts, thin loose pants, long dresses, and whatever else I could get my hands on that would be comfortable to wear in the heat but also modest. What I set out for seemed simple enough but I gotta say! I had a little bit of a tough time finding these items and some items I bought I am still a bit uncertain if I like the look or not. As spring is here, summer clothing is in abundance however, most summery items I noticed were very showy and revealing which usually I am A-OK with that but most items just did not fall into the category I was looking for. Without further delay, here are the items I bought!

 T-Shirts + T-Shirts = T-Shirts? – Well yes that math problem makes perfect sense to me! So, I really wanted to buy a variety of t-shirts, some that were a bit dressy and others that were casual. I have quite a lot of casual t-shirts that I wear at home so I definitely will be taking a few of those but! These are what I found in stores. I purchased a total of 6 t-shirts and I would say 4 are a bit dressier while 2 are very simple, all are very comfortable! I purchased these shirts from Urban Planet and Stitches

Loosey Goosey Pants – =) Ha! Okie there is nothing goosey or funny I guess about these pants I really like these! So, I got a total of 3 pants, one being plain black yoga pants which I figured would be great for day to day wear as it is comfy, and the other two I purchased are for dressier outings and such or while visiting temples. All 3 are very comfy and although they are full length pants, they are super thin and breathable material. I purchased the two patterned pants from a store called Sirens and the yoga pants was purchased at Winners. Now, although my comfort zone for day to day wear is usually neutrals I must say I like these patterns on the pants, they are so different from what I am use to and feels appropriate for my vacay apparel.

Let’s Get Dressy – I know that this trip is going to be way more comfort and adventure than it will be about glam and fashion statements but! You gotta dress up a little right? So, I got myself covered with two pieces that are a bit more on the dressy side of things, one is a maxi dress while the other piece is a high-low skirt. Hmm is that what these are called, let me know below if I am wrong! I will probably take two more dressy items from my closet but the maxi dress purchased is from Urban Planet and the skirt is from Stitches. I totally love the pattern on both of these items!! I have really been loving the navy and turmeric yellow colours on clothing =)

Footwear – For sure I am not done with footwear, I totally have to purchase some sort of sandal that is made for walking and has good grip however, I have yet to find something that caught my eye but! I did find two sandals that definitely caught my attention. I am a big sucker for rhinestones, gems, shine, glitz and dazzle! I love these two sandals especially the one with the colourful rhinestones but they for sure are not shoes made for all day walking! These of course would be used for going out for dinners or if we are stepping out briefly to check out a few temples, attractions etc. Both sandals were purchased from Urban Planet =) and yup guys! I plan on walking with running shoes which I will be wearing while boarding the plane

Unsure about Pink – So! I purchased two items from the store Pink which is the sub company of Victoria Secret. I originally planned on purchasing my yoga pants from here but they did not have the wide legged ones and only had leggings. I browsed around and came across these leggings that had a different little detail on each leg and while looking I also came across a loose-fitting t-shirt with a nice detail as well. I loved both items and bought them but when I came home I noticed hmm…I really don’t like the fit of this shirt and the pants honestly is nothing special compared to $5.00 leggings I could get elsewhere compared to these which were $45.00. So! As for these two items guys, I am unsure if I will be keeping them, if I return it I will get back about $100.00 which I can then buy so much other things with so! I am heavily leaning towards return! Let me know if you think it looks good!

So guys, there you have it! I feel as though I purchased so much more but I think it is only because these items surprisingly came up to a lot but I did not get much! I really hope that these items are modest and fits the culture that we will be going into. As for the maxi dress, I purchased I do know my shoulders are showing quite a lot but I plan on carrying scarves with me to cover up any skin that is revealed so that will be my quick fix =) Definitely have a lot more organizing and searching and perhaps even shopping to do before the trip is here so if I end up buying a bunch more I will for sure share but for now! That is a wrap! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead, please enjoy and thank you for reading

Later!…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Love your outfits girl! I really like your maxi dresses and those dazzling sandals are gorgeous! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😃thanks so much!! I love sandals I can’t wait to be wearing them full time here in Toronto !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your post, your outfits are great. Hope you’ve had a great weekend and looking forward to reading more from you!! I do fashion blogging I follow back :):) xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. =) Awe thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed, honestly these outfits are a little out of my comfort zone as I am usually more so a neutral tone dresser but! I figured heading to a warm and sunny place I gotta be bright as well =) ha!

      Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, I will definitely check out your blog I love fashion blogs!!=)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well they all look great!! Xo

        Liked by 1 person

  3. mumundone says:

    Love all the stuff you got! Just wanted to let you know I’ve tagged you in a post! (The awesome blogger Award) xx Hope you had a lovely easter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂awe thanks so much!! This is great I can’t wait to check it out! Thank you for the nomination


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