Hey everybody, how are you all doing today? Happy day to you, it is a Wednesday here in Toronto and I must say I have had a rough day so far. In my last post, I discussed the topic of experiences and that we should learn to take everything in life as just an experience rather than labelling them as good and bad experiences. I was inspired to talk about that as it was something that stuck with me from a recent yoga class I did however, I also did say that you may hear me in future refer to something as bad or use some sort of negative terminology as I am only now trying to adapt this outlook on life and prior to I went about things in life by labelling them as either good or bad. Working towards bettering yourself is definitely not something that will happen overnight. Say your goal is weight loss, although you eat healthy for 1 week, you may see small differences however, it takes time to see substantial results. It is the same concept with the mind, I have been so use to using labels to describe things in my life that now trying to look at things as only experiences and noticing the good that comes out of it can be easy on certain days but other days it can prove to be very hard, it also takes time to change your mindset. With all said, if you asked me this morning how my day was going, I would simply reply horrible. Now, as I have had time to relax, regroup and think of things in various perspectives while applying the rule of accepting things as an experience I would say, my morning was an eyeopener and I have learned something. By no means am I prepared to say I am fine and dandy ready to smile all day long but! The tears have come to a halt and my emotions have levelled out.

You are probably wondering what could have happened today that has upset me so much to bring me to tears and guys I will not keep you in the dark any longer, I just felt that I had to explain why I am posting somewhat of a negative post so soon after I discussed the importance of looking at life as an experience which I would say is a positive.

Today guys, I was given the news that I would be laid off from my full-time job after 4 years. The entire department that I have worked alongside year in and out has all been laid off.

It was sudden, it was bright and early in my work day about 30 minutes into my shift and definitely was not the way I imagined my day going today. Now, I know 4 years may not seem very long but to me it was, this was my first job that I actually stayed longer than 1 ½ year as it is a company I seen as a place I had a steady career, a place for growth and opportunity, that treated their employees with nothing more than respect… I remember when I first got permanently hired (I worked as a contractor 1 year prior to being hired) I was over the moon! I remember being so happy to receive my offer of employment, I cried tears of joy and told my boyfriend that I was set with a steady job, somewhere I enjoyed going to. While working as a contractor I met many full-time employees who had been working at this company for 25+ years, to me that was a good sign of stability. Now today, I find myself in uncertainty as although I have been provided with a letter that states as of today I have been let go, I am still required to be at work until next week which they say everything is business as usual. For majority of the day I have been quite speechless and shocked as I still have not really grasped that this is happening especially knowing that I am required to perform my duties for the next coming days yet, my job will be dismissed next week. The company has their reasons that we must come in and work as usual which I will not get into further details about but it is so true what people say about large corporations and the corporate world. You can work day in and out as hard as you want, give 100% commitment and loyalty to a company but when they are ready to hit target and need to cut expenses, you better believe they won’t think twice and will always do what’s best for business. I have seen this sort of thing happen over my years of working there and of course it is sad to see others go through it but you really do not know the full extent of it until you yourself go through it.

Now! I did not work the full day as I was sent home soon after the news was given so like I said earlier, I have had time to relax, vent and think things through. I am sure in the coming days I will be on a rollercoaster of emotions as this process is far from over but for today I tried to think of ways I could effectively use my time at home. About 2 months ago, I had purchased a large picture frame, a glue stick, and a couple of magazines, I planned on making a vision board. At the time I was super excited to get it rolling and make it which I slowly started and after my first attempt I had set it down in a corner to get back to it another time which just never happened until today. I thought to myself, hmm you know I noticed that board in the corner maybe this is the perfect time to get my goals back in check and turn this news I received into something to motivate me, remind me where I was heading for this year. Maybe this was the wake up call I needed as honestly speaking guys, I am far from a lot of things I want on my board. So! I got my goodies, and got to work on seeing my board come alive.

It for sure is a work in progress as I have to add a ton of other stuff especially more visual aspects but I feel that it is on the right track to things I hope to achieve in the next few years ahead. This board kinda reminded me that there will be more opportunities as I said above, right now I am not seeing a lot of these things in my life so perhaps a change in career is what I need and for a long time I have felt that I needed some change but I think I had just become so comfortable with my routine that I was scared to look outside, now I don’t have a choice. So, below I will post a couple of photos of my board and I will give you a small idea of what each part means for me, most are a given as it is very wordy but for the photos I will explain a little.


House – So guys, I put a very luxurious house on the bottom left corner of my board and simply this signifies that I hope to soon be able to afford a place and call it my own. Now, yes this house is a bit much especially for a first time home but I figured shoot for the stars right! I would love to have a place that my boyfriend and I can call ours, currently we both live at home with our parents.

Bed & Kitchens – Basically this kinda ties in to the above, in the home I soon hope to have I would like to have it very nicely decorated. With the kitchen aspect, I hope to renovate the kitchen in the current home I live in which is my parents home before they sell it. I know it is something they want to do to increase the value of the home and I would love to be able to give that to them.


Yoga – As you all know, I have started practicing yoga from the start of March which makes it almost a month for me yay! I really want to see this through and adapt this as a necessary activity in my life as it really does challenge me and I hope to get better and stronger as I continue. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to pull off a cool move like her!


500 Followers – So, I started this blog this year and I believe I currently sit at 143 followers which is amazing. I hope to be able to hit 500 followers by next year that would be awesome! I really want to continue to see my blog grow and develop more from it as I continue posting. To everyone that follows me and continuously reads, likes, & comments I thank you all so very much! It really means so darn much to me! Thank you


Car – As much as I would like to say that car signifies me purchasing a new car for myself it doesn’t! One of my biggest dreams/goals I have had for so long is to purchase a brand-new vehicle for my father. Ever since I was super young my dad has driven some super old cars that have given him headache upon headache and he simply doesn’t let go of them as if he did he would have no means of transportation. It is not that he does not want to upgrade his cars it is just that he cannot afford to do so. I would love to take all the struggle away from my parents but that is a lot to hope to do so! If I could find a way to purchase a new car for them I would do it in a heartbeat.


Photo of my Boyfriend & I – Currently we have a great relationship so I did not put that to say I want to improve our relationship but more so that I can’t wait to see our love further grow. I can’t wait to achieve everything with him and I just can’t wait to see things take off even more.

As for all of the wording on my vision board they are pretty self explanatory. I would like to see my confidence boost, I would love to see success and achievement in my future, I should always remember to have things my way not anyone else’s way! I would love to live in complete happiness, of course I would love to be a traveller and visit across this world of ours and then there is power. Now many might say the word power is negative, that it is a selfish word but! I do not mean power in the sense of harming others or being held above anyone, no way! I mean it solely as being in power of my life and doing what I want not living life by what I can afford and having to think twice.

So guys, this is what I have come up with so far! I plan to add more and will definitely do an updated version once I do so. What do you think, did I turn my day off into something a bit productive? I think so, I could have sat and sulked all day long but that wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere! That is it for me tonight, I hope you enjoyed this read and thank you for visiting

Take care…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. I love that your turned your bad day into a positive one! It sounds like today was the day you were meant to finish that vision board. Everything happens for a reason and I bet a better job is in your future, so that you can make all these things come true. BTW, I think it’s super sweet that you want to be able buy your dad a new car some day.

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    1. Thank you very much for reading and sharing these kind words with me!

      I totally agree that it seems that yesterday had just been the right day for my vision board, it did lift my spirits. =) Thank you again! I hope better is in the future I have really been having a rough time with this and currently I get into moments of my day where I just cannot see the bright side to all of this but I am sure there is one somewhere. As for the car =) yeah it’s something I have wanted to do for a super long time, I hope this is the year!


  2. This is a great post! It’s nice to be productive 😊

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    1. Awe thank you, it definitely is good to try being as productive as you can especially in your down time! Just need to find a nice spot to hang this =)

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  3. Natalie Vinh says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your job. I wish you the best.

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    1. Thank you, it is difficult to accept but things happen. Thank you for reading

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  4. Sophie B. says:

    Oh I’m so sorry! But I like the way you deal with it! The glass is half full right? Creating a vision board is a lovely idea!
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! Things are progressing for the better thankfully and your totally right! Sometimes when we are in tough situations it’s hard to see the good surrounding it but there’s always silver lining🙂 As for my vision board it is made but! I have yet to find the right spot to hang it which reminds me I have to figure that out soon!

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  5. I love how the tone of this piece was still so optimistic. With your ambition I am sure everything will align great for you.

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    1. Thanks so much, your too kind! Thankfully things did work out which is why I had to put my blogging on the back burner while I adapted to my new role! Hoping to get back in action here now 🙂


  6. It’s so great that you’ve found a way to turn a negative thing into a positive one. Life is tough sometimes, but you gotta keep fighting and do the best you can. I’ve never thought that a negative experience and a positive one could be seen as just ‘experiences’, it is definitely something I will remember from now and will change my mindset on things. It’s so easy to be negative in this world and I need to remind myself to be positive and grateful! Thank you for your post, I really enjoyed reading! So sweet you want to renovate your parents’ kitchen xx I’ve started yoga too!

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    1. Awe great !! Thanks so much for the comment and thoughts shared! Means a lot to me, I have been absent from my page for a while now but I am glad to get it back up and running! Reading through these comments are really inspiring me!

      I hope your doing great and keeping positive 😊👍🏾 And great with the yoga!! Unfortunately I took a break from that too but hopeful to start back!


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