It is an Experience

Happy Day Bloggers! How is everyone today, fresh start to a new week here in Toronto and the last week of March! I must say March flew by but I guess what month doesn’t anymore? I am kinda excited that it is almost behind us as April is the month of Travel for me so that deserves a woahoo! =) Super excited for that I must say but I have been putting off a lot of planning for this trip surprisingly as I usually am on top of shopping and planning weeks in advance of my vacations but this one I have done absolutely nothing asides from booking it! This evening I am actually off to do some shopping, to see what I can see to buy! Spending, spending, and spending! Guys I gotta cool it on the spending and shopping when I return but until then, shopping it is! Before I head out in search of my vacay items I wanted to do a quick post just to chat a bit with you all, so with no further interruptions let’s jump into the post!

Last week at one of the yoga classes I attended we had a small discussion or more so we listened to the instructor talk. She was talking about how we usually like to refer to things as good and bad, for example many of us will say we are having a great day or at times we will say we are having a bad day. She then questioned us with…”What makes that day good or bad?” She continued by saying it should never be one or the other instead, things in life should be seen as an experience rather than putting a further label on it as good or bad. As I stated before, these discussions at yoga really get me thinking as it isn’t the usual you hear day to day or what you would expect someone to say to you.

I am 100%+ guilty of over defining multiple things in my life, not too long ago I wrote a post on a “bad” experience I had with a custom jewelry store and I was so frustrated at that time. Now thinking back on it, was it that big of a deal for me to label it as a “bad” experience or could I have just left it as an experience overall? It really spoke to me when she said that because it is true! Everything in life is an experience, if you do not run into it you will never know. Some experiences you may go through and know, I don’t ever want to go through that again therefore you accept and take what it brought to you and move on to another experience. The expression “learn from your mistakes” is so well known yet should these really be categorized as mistakes as you are still getting something out of it? Everything in life you get an opportunity to learn from it by using negative words to describe an experience will only further frustrate you and stress you out which I would like to think all of us is trying to avoid both! Another thing about things in life is overthinking things that have yet to happen and I have an example for you guys!

Last week, I had been eyeing the job board where I work. As of late, I have been keeping an eye out for positions that interest me and that I feel I may be suitable for as I want to further grow. I came across an opportunity that sparked my interested but before even applying for the position I had probably worked out hmm…100+ different scenarios in my head in how this whole application process can go, and most were negative results. I know I am not the only over thinker out there and I feel like that guys has become such a common issue with our society, for some reason we have all become like scholars in over thinking and assuming the worse before any action is taken. So I checked every day to see if the opportunity was still available which! Everyday there it was sitting and staring at me but I would always think well, what if this happens, what if they think I am stupid for applying, what if they think I am under qualified, what if my current boss thinks I am stupid, what if it doesn’t work, what if I make a fool out of myself…etc. Then a small spark would hit me and the what if’s turned into…What if things went great, what if this is just the change I need, what if I hear from them soon…etc. So, once again I had Me VS. Me a very common fight that airs in my mind but then Friday came around and I was like it is the end of the week, what if next week this post is gone then I will never know and really be stuck in the world of WHAT IF! That my friends, is a scary world to imagine being stuck in. So! Guys I applied and I applied again…What do I mean? First, I applied for the job of course (Wish me luck!! Trying to keep positive thoughts) then applied the principle of accepting things as an experience and eliminating the overthinking. I thought to myself in the end, this will be an experience for me, not good and not bad no matter which way it ends up. Do I want to get through? Of course!! =) but should I be upset and say it was a horrible experience and I will never take that risk again…No, that doesn’t make sense. This is one separate job; sometimes things don’t go as we hope or plan but we still learn something in the end right? And learning something betters you somehow, someway what is bad in that?

I know it won’t come instantly and I am sure you guys will probably hear me sometime in the future saying I had a bad day or something along the lines of it but! After your initial emotions subside and you actually think about the situation and think of it truly as an experience rather than a good ______ or a bad ______, your eyes will open and over time it should come naturally to view everything as just an experience, plain and simple! I feel that we have become so obsessed with being vocal about how we feel that sometimes we actually make things worse than what it is because we start using negative words which has a negative impact on how we feel and we all know a negative and a negative never makes sense together so! Let’s try cutting out these overly complex “bad days” or “bad experiences” or whatever it maybe. In the beginning, allow your emotions to be as emotions are very powerful but learn to quickly regroup, reconsider, and see what you can get out of what happened which will diminish the bad.

So with all that said guys! I think I will leave the post off there, I have been trying to shorten most of my posts but it is a work in progress =) I hope you guys enjoy these shorter ones, let me know what you think! At times I second guess myself thinking it feels unfinished but! I am trying to steer clear of second guessing myself and just going with what I feel so! Let me know and I hope you guys got something good out of this post that has you thinking a bit! Off to buy some stuff =) enjoy the rest of your day

Bye for now! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. Beyoutiful says:

    Nice post! I totally feel ya girl! I’ve applied to so many positions for the job and the wait for a response for an interview is def nerve wrecking but some I got through and some I didn’t. Even though you don’t get through to the next round, it’s alright! Interviews are a good experience to work on your strengths and weaknesses and improve on your skills. Not everything works on the first try and good things take time. So don’t give up and keep trying harder. Always think positively and best of luck to you! You got this 🙂

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    1. Your telling me!! It definitely can be stressful but I feel that we use the saying “aim for the best but expect the worse” way to much and especially the expect the worse, do you find that you always emphasize on the negative outcomes? I do majority of the time which when I think of it that is like setting myself up for failure! I think we just gotta go with what we feel and try not to make a huge deal out of it =) saves us a ton of stress hehe. Thank you for reading and sharing with me!!! And thank you for the good wishes =) will definitely let you know if I get through =D

      Enjoy your week!!

      Liked by 1 person

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