Operation Repair: Bumps be GONE!

Saturday, Saturday here and almost done, went by quickly but I must say I had a fairly good day! Happy day to you =) Hope you are enjoying your day and was able to do some fun and productive things throughout your day! Most days when I post I kinda just go with the flow and usually do not plan ahead on what I will write about for specific days however! Earlier this week I was thinking to myself that I have not done a DIY sorta thing for a while and really wanted to aim for making a more so creative and fun post by the end of this week so, here we have it! I really hope you guys enjoy and find this post useful and fun =)

So, asides from running into the unfortunately common razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving I also have another issue I face with my skin which is well known as “chicken’s skin”. The medical terminology for this is Keratosis Pilaris which is basically very tiny but rough bumps that may appear along the upper section of your arms, upper part of your thighs, and I believe it can appear on your back as well. I have always had this from since I was a young child but mine only appears on my upper arms, at times it can be much more visible(summer) than other times (winter) but nevertheless is always there. I have tried a couple of things to help reduce the appearance and texture of it however, not much has helped and I have been told it is very difficult to get rid of but exfoliating and moisturizing can help reduce visibility. With that said! I have tried many store-bought exfoliators but while browsing on Youtube I came across one of my favorite Youtubers making a video on how she maintains smooth silky skin and I was like O.M.G I gotta know her secret as her skin always!! Looks flawless =) Now, she stated that she got the idea off of tumblr so yay tumblr!! But basically what she used to maintain her skin was coconut oil and cane sugar, a basic sugar scrub that she swears works like a charm and guys I was sold!! The Youtuber that I got the idea from is Amber Scholl, I will leave the link to this specific video I am talking about below but guys totally check out her entire channel! She is super amazing, her personality is addicting, and I can’t get enough of her =) so check her out!


If you watched her video you would see that she left her scrub as a paste but! I wanted to take mine a small step further just to try doing something a little fun with it so here is what I did! Also guys, what I did is something I believe I seen on Pinterest a while ago and the idea kinda just stuck in my head so =) shout out to Pinterest and Amber Scholl ha!

Cocosugar Scrub

So guys, I used the exact same two ingredients mentioned above which I would say I purchased the coconut oil for about $3.00 and the cane sugar was about $2.00 at Wal-Mart. The tiny spin I did was by taking my mixture and freezing it so it became a handy little bar! I thought this idea was pretty cool because most times when I do DIY’s I usually end up making a lot and most times it goes to waste as it sits out for too long but with freezing this mixture you simply just pop it out when you are ready to exfoliate =) so let’s actually see what I did shall we!?


  1. Scooped about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil into a bowl, warmed it slightly until semi melted.
  2. Add cane sugar to melted coconut oil and mix. I did melt my oil pretty well through so my mixture was not a very thick consistency.
  3. Pour mixture into a tray! Any tray can work, I decided to go with a silicone baking tray as it is so much easier to take anything out of there whether baked or frozen! As for the type I used, I purchased it from a crafts store called Michaels which I know is here in Canada as well as in the States, it retailed for $17.00 so a bit pricey but! I know I will be getting a lot more uses out of it =)
  4. Put my mixture to freeze for about 2 hours and ta da! It was good to go =)

I did not use my cocosugar bar immediately after making it and I left it overnight in my freezer as by the time I started this process I had already showered but! I did use one this morning which worked great!! My skin was silky smooth while showering and upon coming out =) During my shower I did shave as well and used the bar prior to shaving and after as well, I heard it is good to slightly exfoliate after shaving to get rid of any skin and to prevent razor bumps/ingrown hairs…Not sure how true that is, if you have a better idea of this please let me know below =) All in all I will say that so far I have enjoyed, my skin felt very soft and I have high hopes that this will help eliminate the appearance and texture of my Keratosis Pilaris on my arms! I will leave a photo below for you guys to kinda get an idea of the texture of my arms that I am referring to. This is not something I would do on daily basis but probably more so once to twice a week as over exfoliating can be damaging as well! Another side note would be that the cane sugar is quite coarse! If your skin is very sensitive I would recommend sticking to a less dense sugar such as brown sugar or even regular sugar, the cane sugar works great for my arms as it has a rough texture! So, overall guys =) I truly enjoyed making this and using it! Definitely will keep it up on a weekly basis and may even try incorporating some essential oils to add a bit of scent next time around. One more thing I would like to mention before closing this post up is while using this in the shower please be careful guys and watch your step! I did notice that after using more than half of the bar my tub became fairly slippery! So just be careful and keep in mind that it is oil and water which doesn’t mix too well so be sure to take your time and you will be fine =)


Alright guys! I hope again that you all loved reading this and if you like when I do these sorts of posts please let me know below =) That is it for me on this Saturday night, time to get cozy and catch some rest!


Goodnight bloggers! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. Natalie Vinh says:

    This is such a good idea! I kind of have the same thing on my arms and nothing works! I’m totally going to try this.

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    1. 🙁awe! Yeah I know it’s a tough thing to get rid of but since I had it so long it doesn’t bother me too much but! It would be nice to have smooth skin🙂I hope this works for you! Let me know how it goes

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such an awesome DIY!

    Liked by 1 person

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