Hot Yoga Long-Term?

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Hey Guys Hey! =) What is going on with you all today? Would you look at that! We are already finished with one whole week of work and back to the weekend here in Toronto, no complaints from me! I hope you all had a couple of great weekdays and are in store for an awesome weekend =) I don’t have much planned for this weekend but two things I know I will be doing for sure is…

  1. Hanging out with my boyfriend *YAY*
  2. Embracing my inner Warrior! *ROAR*

Ha! So, nope guys I am not going to war or anything of that sort but by embracing my inner warrior I mean I will be back at it with the hot yoga bright and early Sunday morning. Earlier this week I briefly mentioned that I would be hitting past my half way point of the 10 purchased classes and I would be happy to share my experience with hot yoga thus far so, guys! Today is that day =)

So, as I have only attended one studio which is the current studio I go to I will be making a lot of reference to things that I like that is given in this studio. With that being said, I am unsure of how most hot yoga studios work so I cannot guarantee that if you try it out you will have the same experience but! It terms of movements and physical activity I would think it should be fairly similar depending on how hard the instructor pushes you and how hard you push yourself! Let’s get into it! =)

I find that these days yoga in general has become a very popular choice of physical activity for many and I believe that is because many people are trying to explore various options to live a healthier lifestyle. I cannot say I was always interested in trying out yoga or actually I cannot say I ever really had much of an interest in any sort of physical activity until about 3 years ago? Prior to then I never felt the need, I had always been a very slim built person and ate whatever I wanted! Fast forward 3 years back (2014) I soon learned that wow! As you get older things really do change which was and is still hard for me to accept at times as I had been so use to living a non-active lifestyle, eating junk, and not having to worry about gaining weight, even up to today I have to remind myself I am not that 16 year old girl anymore, weight fluctuates get over it! So, back in 2014 I started becoming very self-conscious and thought, ok I have to do something about this!

What did I do guys!?

–          Started finding all sorts of diets (from eating little amounts to eating frequently to eating only veggies and fruits to eating a ton of egg whites, etc)

–          Tried weight loss pills

–          Going back and forth to gyms

–          Personal training

–          Group classes in the gym

So yeah guys! From 2014 to now I have tried doing so many different things to shed some pounds and honestly none of those things that I listed above asides from the gym, personal training, and group classes worked. Now! Although the gym, personal training, and group classes sorta worked, was it something I enjoyed? Hmm…not so much. I tried doing SO many things and I know I am definitely not the only person out there trying this, that and the next but that’s exactly it! We do all these things but are we truly happy while doing it? At times, the gym can be enjoyable to me but! I would be lying if I said I was a huge gym fan, there are certain things I like and certain things I dislike. Personal training was very effective however, it was very expensive plus you have to make sure you mesh well with the trainer. Lastly, group classes I did enjoy however, after my trainer at the gym got let go I soon after left that gym and opted for a cheaper facility which did not have group classes or personal training.

I would say from around November of 2016 to present is when I enrolled at the more cost efficient gym which I still have my membership for. From January to the start of March I was going to the gym around 5 days out of the week for an hour at a time before heading to work, I was doing really well but I still was not excited about it. During that same period, I had got back in touch with my friend which we talked about the typical dinners that most people go out and do to catch up. I explained to her that I want to do something different, something other than dinner with my friends and BAM she came up with the idea of us going to yoga which I was open for the experience.

So, that kinda brings you guys up to speed! I will cut it off here now with my whole background story =) Back to the topic of discussion…Hot yoga! I have attended 6 hot yoga classes at the Svengali Yoga Studio in Markham, I have previously linked their site to one of my older posts but I will leave it below again in case you are in the Toronto/Markham area and are interested =) So, this was my first time doing any sort of yoga and I must say it is much hard than it seems or looks however, I feel a sense of accomplishment after completing each session. I will try covering areas that I feel you guys may be curious about but! If I missed anything please just ask me below and I will try to get the answer for you =)

*Also, if I have mentioned anything that seems a little off or wrong please correct me below. I am by no means an expert, just sharing tips, my experience and things I have learned so far! *

Hot Yoga

So, from what my friend has told me about other hot yoga studios she has been to I believe there are two different types of hot yoga studios and the difference mainly lies within how the room is heated.

  1. Steam – I would say perhaps think sauna?
  2. Dry Heat – Heaters, built in heating systems – Similar to housing ventilations

The studio I attend uses dry heat which my friend says it is much nicer as steam guarantees that you will become moist which is not only your sweat while dry heat is all sweat. Ever since I was younger I have learned that if you are sweating you are working so! I’ll take all 100% sweat =) And yep! It is hot in hot yoga for real =)


I have attended 3 variations of the yoga classes offered at Svengali which are…

–          Hatha Strength, Signature Matkarma Series

–          Vinyasa

–          HathaVinyasa Combo Class

I believe there are two other types of classes offered which I have yet to try and I am not too sure if I will get around to trying either anytime soon as they do not flow with my schedule but nevertheless! The above 3 are the ones I have done, now a little more about each =)

Hatha Strength – This is the class I have attended the most as it runs on both Saturday and Sunday during the mornings which works great for me! The classes are for a duration of 90 minutes and during that time you go through a fairly steady flow of yoga poses. We have done variations of the warrior pose, we have done Shiva’s pose, standing bow, child’s pose, eagles pose, variations of half-moon pose, etc.  There are tons more that we have done however, some poses were called out in Sanskrit which I have yet to correctly memorize. After doing this class a few times it felt great, some days I would be much stronger and other days my balance and strength would not be great. I have learned to accept that every yoga class will be different, one class you might be doing great and then come back the next class expecting to be amazing but your balance maybe off that day therefore things don’t go as smooth. This class can be seen as fast pace but! It definitely is not when compared to Vinyasa…

Vinyasa – So far, I have only completed one Vinyasa class which I would say you may want to try Hatha Strength prior to jumping into Vinyasa. The vinyasa classes are held twice a week as well however, these are done during the week in the evening. I tried this class this past Tuesday and guys! Talk about fast paced! This one was a quick one! When I first got there I set up as usual and thought it would probably be faster but I was thinking it would probably be the same poses done in Hatha Strength which I was somewhat right but there were a lot of different poses done! Again guys, I cannot remember the names used as I believe a lot was said in Sanskrit but I will work on figuring those out so I can share with you =) In both Hatha Strength and Vinyasa we complete a sequence of…

Down Dog, High Plank, Chaturanga, Up Dog, and back into Down Dog


In the vinyasa class the instructor says we complete 108 of thoses, yes guys! 108 in that sequence. Now, it is not all back to back but I must say in vinyasa it’s a constant go, go, go. Definitely a harder class but what I did enjoy is since you are constantly going your mind gets very little time to think “oh my god this hurts” as you do not hold poses for the length of time you do in Hatha Strength. These classes are also a duration of 90 minutes as well and lastly! We have…

HathaVinyasa Combo Class – Of course! This class is simply a combination of the two above, so it mixes in some faster placed sequences from Vinyasa along with the longer held poses from Hatha Strength. I have also only gone to this class once which I did this past Wednesday and it was enjoyable as well! I did find it a little difficult as I did the Vinyasa class the Tuesday prior to so my arms and legs were a bit sore!! I find this class nice of course as an in between which I guess…duh =) ha! That is the point so I didn’t solve a mystery there!!

Overall each of the classes are good, if I had to pick one out of all I think I may go with the vinyasa surprisingly! Reason being is you get a really good workout and I personally just don’t have enough time to think and process the words: “I want to stop, when will it be over, I’m so tired”!! whereas in the other two classes there are moments that I have enough time do say all of that. With that said, I will not stop going to the others and only stick to vinyasa as I would not be going enough if I did that plus the rotation of different flows and pace is nice =)

Best takeaways thus far

So!!! There are a few things I have been enjoying quite a bit since I have started yoga

–          Enjoy the workout, it doesn’t feel like your typical workout

–          Much more engaging than the gym (to me)

–          Getting a good workout! Guys I sweat so much and most mornings I wake up sore!!

–          Surprised to see how much my body can do (I am like wow…my body can stretch and reach like that!)

–          Seeing things about myself differently. I really disliked my legs, I am learning to appreciate them more as they do so much!!

–          Seeing myself grow

–          Going with a great friend of mine that can only bring out the best in me. Also, being surrounded with very supportive individuals

–          Each class I take away something different, my mind is also working*

–          Gaining more confidence*

–          I actually want to continue pursuing yoga and make it a regular habit in my life*

Okie, I know I listed a few different things there and I will not elaborate on each one as I have gone on far too long already! But I will say since starting yoga my mind is slowly changing and drifting away from old habits. The instructor is truly great at what she does and always!! Starts the class off with something to think about which really inspires me and gets my mind working. It allows me to totally see things differently and appreciate a lot more especially about myself and my worth which while I was at the gym I was not getting, if anything my confidence was lower while at the gym as I was always so unsure of trying new things. I have so much more I want to further explain to you all and share my thoughts especially when it comes to having a more open and free mind but! I think I will keep that for another post because if I keep going, you might be snoring ha!

All in all, I have been enjoying yoga and honestly speaking I have been loving what it has been doing for my mind more so than anything else. Most times I leave there thinking about something that was said and it really gets me thinking and digging deeper in a good way! As for the physical aspect of it, I truly have been enjoying that as well. I feel like I get a really good workout as I sweat a ton and also my body gets super sore the morning after which means your body is working. Also, just to touch in relation to my background story earlier, as I said I started getting involved in more physical activity solely for the purpose of losing weight. With yoga, I feel that yes, weight loss is still a goal of mine that I hope to see myself accomplish with this but! I am not going there and killing myself and saying okie you gotta do more to burn more calories. At the gym I feel that was my biggest issue because so many machines had calorie counters which is good but can become your enemy, I use to pressure myself so much to hit a certain amount of calories then go home and think ok you just burnt this amount, eat less calories than what you burnt…With yoga calories is the last thing on my mind, which I enjoy that atmosphere a lot more. I know it will take time and practice to get better and hold my poses steady and long but! As my instructor says, yoga is a never-ending journey as we are continuously trying to better ourselves. So, yes guys! I have decided to take my journey with yoga past 10 classes and I have committed to it for the next three months ahead which I am excited about! I hope to have yoga become my leisure activity as truly a month ago, I really didn’t have one. My life was work, home, errands, work, hang out with my boyfriend, shopping/dinners, work, home, etc. Of course! Hanging with my boyfriend, shopping and dinners are all great but I never ever really had an activity I was involved in and I am excited to be a part of something, I feel like it builds more character for me which is great =) I will end it off here but look forward to more hot yoga updates I will be sure to keep you guys in the loop! Thank you all for reading and leave me questions below

Toodles! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

*Disclaimer – All photos used are from Google images and are solely for the purpose of this post, no credit is given to myself for these photos*

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