Celebrations in Markham!

Hey Guys! How are you all doing =) Happy Spring! Today marks the first day of Spring here in Toronto which is great news as that means winter is now behind us…kinda! We still sit in the lower digits temperature wise so the winter feel may linger but technically it is behind us =) So I hope you all have been having a great couple of days and all! I have been having a good few days but I feel as though I just can’t seem to see where time is going…it is already the end of March basically! Isn’t that insane!? Time definitely does not wait for anyone or anything that is for sure =) so with that said! Let’s get into this post before time flies even more

This past weekend was both eventful and also relaxing, in other words Saturday was Saturday (busy day) and Sunday was Sunday (relaxation day) as I mentioned in my posts last week, it was my sisters 30th birthday and yes guys! I promise this is the end of having to hear about her 30th birthday. So, as her birthday fell on a Thursday we decided that we would celebrate a bit more over the weekend specifically Saturday. I had planned with my boyfriend that we would take her out to party and get the works going for her meaning bottle service. We found a lounge in Markham that seemed to fit the criteria, a lounge for mature clientele, close by, away from downtown havoc, budget friendly, and they had an event scheduled for the same night. Everything seemed perfect so  we decided that would be where we go however, we did not inform her that we would be going for bottle service just that we would be going to have a couple of drinks and party a bit. So this plan guys was in the works for a little while and we had high hopes that her friends would join us as well to help celebrate! So here is how the experience went!

Saturday evening rolled around and we had finished up from having dinner with my parents at a fairly well known restaurant here called The Keg, I am not too sure if they have multiple locations worldwide or if it is only here in Canada but it is basically a steakhouse! Dinner went well and guys! I am so sorry I kept telling myself before I went to remember to take photos which of course I failed! I am SO bad at taking photos =( I always remember after it’s too late so my apologies! After dinner we went back home and started getting ready for our night out in Markham! So, it would be our first time going to this location and I was not too sure what to expect as Markham is more so known as a quiet area in Ontario and most people that want to party head downtown but! We were looking for a more laid back atmosphere with a more mature crowd as we did not want to end up around any conflicts or such and I must say I think we made a good choice! So, after A LOT of back and forth between my sister and I on deciding what clothing we should wear we were ready to head out! I must say I felt bad for my boyfriend as he had to just wait and go through the girl’s drama of getting ready ah, he’s great!

We decided to take an Uber out to the lounge as safety first guys! I knew there was going to be quite some drinking happening so please be safe, don’t drink and drive guys. *Drum roll* Okie so I know I have kinda left you all in the dark in regards to the name of the place we were going to, the lounge we went to is called Dream Resto Lounge which is located in Markham! We arrived at the venue and checked in our coats which then we were lead to our booth! My sister was pretty surprised I guess you can say as she did not know that we planned to do this so mission accomplished! The point of this all was for her to be surprised and have an overall goodnight out which I think we were successful with making that happen =).  We were seated and the area had enough space for about 4-6 people to sit comfortably which was perfect as there was only 5 of us. Shortly after we arrived her friends came and we looked over a menu with the various bottle selections which we ended up getting Ciroc. So guys! I must say I was pretty pleased with the night we had out at this venue, here are some reasons why!

  • Venue was very clean and well kept. Most clubs and lounges I have been to can become very dirty which I guess is a given as people are drinking and things can get messy but! I was pleasantly surprised with how well kept the main area remained as well as the washroom was super clean…which is shocking!
  • The event they had going on was called “Carnival Sounds” which was basically an event with soca, reggae, and top 40 music. When we first arrived around 10:40pm the music was ah…a bit iffy but I am guessing as it was not busy at that time. As the night went on the music was very lively!
  • The waitress who served us was very nice, I must say though when we first arrived it took a while before someone came to serve us and we actually had to go and ask the bartender what was going on as we were told to sit and someone would be with us. Nevertheless! She came around and after that was very helpful, she continuously checked on us and made sure our mixers was filled.
  • The crowd was a very diverse crowd which was nice. It definitely was a much older clientele than I am use to as this is my first time attending a venue that I believe is 25+ but it was nice! Everyone was very kind and respectful, just out to have a good time and not cause unwanted issues for others. It felt like a safe environment

So all and all everything was great! But what really had me in wow was the price that we got this package for! It was my first time planning bottle service at a lounge but I have heard from many people that it can be very expensive! I did inquire with other clubs downtown who quoted me close to $700.00 for 1 bottle of alcohol! Is that not crazy expensive!? After browsing I came across Dream Resto Lounge who quoted me $185.00 for a premium bottle of alcohol, the booth, 6 cover passes (for you and your guests) and complimentary champagne! Now, I was pretty amazed but honestly I was even more amazed when I got there because I thought ok, complimentary champagne must be a glass for each person in your party but guys! They gave us a full bottle of champagne!! Definitely worth it, I don’t think you will come across this anywhere downtown and asides from the price guys everything else was great too as I said above!

I will leave the link to their site below in case you are in Toronto and may be looking for a good place to check out! On another note, this location is also a restaurant by day which my boyfriend and I have checked out their menu which looks delicious! We will definitely visit again to have dinner one day =)


Our night ended fairly late, I believe we got home around 3:30AM and guys! I was knocked out, tired, tired, and tired! Sunday both my sister and I were not feeling too good, unfortunately she had it worse than me and got us saying “why do we do this to ourselves?” Ugh! Hangovers are the worse =( But with good sleep, a lot of water, light meals and a nice hot shower  it goes away eventually and before you know it, you’re at it again! Ha! Okie, kidding we honestly do not party often it truly is only 3-4 times for the year. So there you have it guys! That was basically the weekend, as I said Sunday was recovery day as we were all back out at work today so all in all I think my sister had a good time! I would definitely recommend checking out Dream Resto Lounge if you are in Toronto! If you have gone, let me know your thoughts and if any questions please ask me below=) Thanks so much for reading guys!

Take Care…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes Post

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