Racing to the Superbowl

Hey everybody =) Mid-week, Happy Wednesday guys and if not Wednesday happy day to you! How’s this week been treating you guys? Mine has been going so far so good, it should be getting a bit more interesting and busy by tomorrow but I will keep you all posted when something exciting happens! My Monday to Wednesday life has been far from unusual. Soon I will be off to do a hot yoga class, yep guys! I am still following through with it and I feel as though I am getting better =) (mini hip hip hurray for me) after today’s class I think this will mark my half way point through my 10 classes purchased so I will most likely do a little hot yoga update for you guys after this class! Anywho, before I head off there I wanted to get a post out and I had 3 options in mind, two more chit chatty/thoughts kinda things and then one option where I made an attempt to make something then tell you all how it went! It was a bit tough to decide as originally I was super excited about the option where I made something but…things didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it so I started thinking hmm…is this worth even posting, it really was not great…WAIT why am I stressing about it not being great, it’s my first time doing this and I should showcase that things don’t just go perfectly on the first try which I am sure we all can relate to so, I am going to share my somewhat of a mishap! =) Hope you all enjoy

So, as I have gotten more into social media and browsing the web I have noticed a lot of trends online. The internet seems to be compiled of a lot of food ideas, DIYs, fashion and beauty. After looking through pages and pages I have seen a TON of things I want to try because there are some darn cool stuff out there guys! I am pretty big on food, anything that looks delicious I’m all in! But with that said, I am not a big chef and most times I enjoy eating tons of things that may not be the best for me! So along my web journey I have seen so many people raving about smoothie bowls and I must say they look SO eye appealing plus many I come across seem to be filled with superfoods that are quite nutritious =) With that said, I decided I want to give this a go! I thought about testing this out for a while now but I just haven’t done it as of course smoothies are cold and living in Toronto I can’t say the first thing I want to have to eat before starting my day out in the cold is a cold smoothie, perhaps if the weather was warmer than sure! That would be super refreshing but as it has been freezing in Toronto I have drifted away from the smoothie idea and steered towards soup instead! Anywho guys, I couldn’t do it for breakfast but I still wanted to try it out so last night was my night! I had bought a few ingredients earlier in the week and was like you know what! Today is the day…keep in mind this is ugh around 10:00PM probably not the best time to be making smoothies but no one was stopping me! Here is how I made my smoothie bowl/superbowl which I will admit, there has to be a lot of adjustments done here but! It was my first time and guys I honestly did not follow a recipe, I kinda just went off things I thought would taste good together but…next time I will use a recipe which will overall probably help to increase the nutrition as well. Okie dokes, let’s get to what I made here =)

Cocomango Smoothie Bowl (ah last minute name for my concoction)  

  • Coconut Milk (half tin)
  • Dash of cold water
  • Two handfuls of frozen & chopped Mango
  • Two Bananas, Sliced
  • Half of a Dragon Fruit
  • Coconut Jelly (In bottle)
  • Dash of Nutmeg
  • Shredded dry Coconut

  1. I cut my bananas up into slices and also cut my dragon fruit in a couple of pieces. Set aside my two handfuls of frozen chopped mango.
  2. Put a little more than half of the amount of bananas into the blender along with my frozen mango, coconut milk, water and nutmeg. Blend, Blend, Blend!
  3. In my bowl, I put about 3 tablespoons of coconut jelly at the bottom then poured my smoothie mixture over to cover.
  4. Once in the bowl, I decorated the top with extra banana pieces, my dragon fruit and shredded coconut. Ta Da! All done =)

So guys, this is basically all I did! I wish I could go into details about nutritional value that this will bring to you but as I said it was a quick thing I just wanted to try with a few flavors I enjoy. I am sure this is not super horrible for you but as for getting tons of protein or anything as such I am not sure if this would be the bowl for you! As for my thoughts on taste, I must admit the coconut taste was quite overwhelming and I am someone who really enjoys coconut! Perhaps next time I will try using an almond based milk with coconut flavor rather than the actual coconut milk in the tin! It was eatable but it wasn’t something I could see myself like oh my gosh give me more, I think that has to strongly do with the coconut being so in your face =(


As this post says, this is not going to be a one-time try and forget it since it did not go as I had hoped, this is only take 1! So keep posted, I will try actually making it to a superbowl =) just need to follow a recipe next time around and probably get a wider bowl hehe.  Although this did not come out as planned I hope this can brighten up your day and perhaps if you tried doing something that did not go as you had hoped don’t give up! And don’t be ashamed, there’s nothing to be ashamed of when you try. Try again no matter how big or small it is, mistakes happen but with practice things always get better! Well that’s it for me today guys, I am off to do Yoga after a 4 day gap so wish me luck!

Talk to you guys later! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post!

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  1. Natalie Vinh says:

    I love dragonfruit! Looks good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thanks so much 😊I guess it worked out for some pretty photos hehe

      Liked by 1 person

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