Award Time – Liebster Award

Wow! An Award =) second award I will be responding to here on my blog and I am honoured to be receiving another, so big thank you to The Life of Yv for nominating me for this blogger award! It means a whole lot to me to be nominated by an exceptional blogger so please take the time to visit their blog, it’s worth it =)

Here are the Rules …

  1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  4. Let them know that you have nominated them


Here are the 11 Questions!

  1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I enjoy blogging for several reasons, it is hard to pick just one but! If I had to pick I would say being able to share my experiences, thoughts and knowledge with others and being able to read others experiences, thoughts and knowledge. I love being able to interact with others on here which usually sparks something whether it be an idea or something else!

  1. Best 3 tips for a new blogger

Hmm tips! Well I still would consider myself fairly new to blogging as well but in the past 3 months I have learned…

  • Posting content regularly is important to keep current audience and attract more
  • Posting content is good but you have to learn to enjoy and appreciate others by interacting such as commenting and liking
  • When I first started I really thought no one would have interest in what I was saying as my blog does not specialize in anything but is about multiple things in my life. I think I learned that it is fine to have a general blog and better to just be what you are rather than trying to act as if you know tons about something you don’t =) be what you are! According to google there is approximately 7,484,325,476 people on this planet, out of everyone there will be others that enjoy you for you!

google search

  1. What is your favourite thing about yourself?

Hmm…this is something I struggle with because it changes as some days I can like a lot about myself but other days I find it hard finding one thing but! I think I can always appreciate that I take great pride in any work that I do. I can comfortably say that I am a hard worker and always complete what I am held accountable for.

  1. What is your dream job?

Dream job! Another tough one, I can see myself in so many different fields as I enjoy things about many lines of work. I have always had a thing for beauty and fashion but I would love a job where I could travel often and on the other hand, I have dreamt of working in a field that incorporates some sort of law enforcement ever since I was very young.

Although law enforcement was my childhood dream I don’t see myself pursuing that (at least for now) but right now I would love to find a way to build a brand and business for myself perhaps incorporating beauty and hopefully that would allow me to travel as well! Confusing right! Tell me about it =)

  1. What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Okie since this question says “thing” I am going to assume not humans such as family so with that said, I would have to say food. I love my food that’s for sure!

  1. One motto you live by?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Ha =) Finding Nemo anybody? So, I would have to say I try to live by this to the best ability of mine of course some days it feels like everything is crashing but! Just gotta keep going no matter what right. Time isn’t stopping.

  1. Who has a better dress sense Rihanna or Beyonce ?

BEYONCE. I love! Her so much

  1. What is your favourite SnapChat filter ( Add photo)

=( Can’t say, I do not have Snapchat, sorry guys!

  1. If you could only have one app on your phone which one would it be. Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat?

Hmm…I guess I would go with Instagram as that is the only one out of the three that I currently have =)

  1. Which makeup products do you have the most of, Drugstore Products or High End Products?

Eyeliner! I have a crazy obsession with eyeliner and although I have so many! I always stick to my drugstore gel liner =) works like a charm!

  1. Which one of your blog posts is your favourite?  ( Tag it, I want to have a read )

My favorite post of mine would have to be the one called I love me? It means a lot to me as it really makes me think, up to today I still cannot confidently answer that question which still blows my mind but I honestly don’t know if I will ever be able to answer it.

My 11 nominees are! **Drum roll**

Alphonso Francis White


Honestly Speaking

Dancers Ballet Life

Random Thoughts


Unveiled Glamour

Ipuna Black


art of being fabulous

Indira Mahi♡


*Note* I know many nominated above may have already been nominated for this award in the past and I understand if you wish not to participate so =) please do not feel obligated!! However, if you do wish to participate here are my questions for you!

  1. When you were younger what was your dream job, have you followed through with it?
  2. If you could travel to 3 places over the next month, where would you go?
  3. Has blogging changed your life, if so how?
  4. Do you believe that positive and negative experiences are a must in life or do you feel that negatives could be completely avoided?
  5. Food wise, what would be one of your guilty pleasures?
  6. How did you get involved with blogging?
  7. What would you say is one of your hidden talents?
  8. Clothing wise – Neutrals or Pastels?
  9. If you could go back in time, would you change anything in your past? (No need to elaborate on what if not comfortable)
  10. Do you collect anything?
  11. What is currently your favorite song?

=)Okie dokes guys! There you have it, I would love to read some responses to my questions above and I hope you all have fun answering. Again, big thanks for the continuous support and I hope you guys are having a great day! Talk to you guys soon

Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post


13 Comments Add yours

  1. BeaFreitas says:

    A huge huge huge congratulations girl! Thank you so much for the nomination 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awe😃Thanks so much and my pleasure!! Your blog is great!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beyoutiful says:

    Congrats girl and aw thank you so much for nominating me! I was already nominated by another fellow blogger but Im so honored that you thought of nominating me for this award, appreciate it dear ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!! 😃And that’s not a problem I know it’s super hard to keep track of the nominations so no worries!!😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the nomination and congrats on the award!! I really loved your comment on how there are like 7 billion people in this world so at least some other people will be interested in your blog! I’ll remember that because it will help me when I’m feeling down about my blogging skills so thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe your very welcome!! Yeah for sure 😃Sometimes I get down about it to and then remember that someone somewhere is going to enjoy this 😃Hope this keeps you notivated👍🏾

      Liked by 1 person

  4. thelifeofyv says:

    I love your answers to my questions. We’re both foodies. ” just keep swimming” is a great motto and I love nemo. Have a good day X

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great!! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed 😃And right!? You can really learn some good ways to go about life in Disney movies hehe I love Nemo and Dory❤ As for the food 😊Yep! I’m pretty serious about my food haha! Thanks for nominating me again 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations 🎊 🎉 I love your answers, especially food

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe!! Thanks so much 😃 Ha yep I can’t go without my food no way😎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Who can?! 😊😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol I know right!!!!!!! =)

        Liked by 1 person

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