Lights, Cameras…Drive?

Hey Guys! How are you all =)? What has been going on with everybody? I feel like I have been starting out too many of my posts in this matter so I hope I am taking good note of this to put an end to saying this but! I will have to say it here and hopefully the last time I do? Here we go…It feels super long since I have posted! Some of you may agree and some may not as I did post this week but the two day gap feels like forever for some reason! Anywho guys, I wouldn’t say I have a good reason for not posting these past two days but here is why I have not!

  1. Nothing too interesting has happened in my day to day life. I have just been busy with work and in my spare time catching up on rest, running errands, hanging out with my boyfriend/family and trying to squeeze in some activity.
  2. The last post I did was in regards to a bad business experience I had which I would categorize that as a negative post as I was basically ranting! I did say I would come back with something a bit more on the fun and light hearted side. Unfortunately, work strongly affects my mood and these days I have just been feeling super exhausted with the fact of just going to work and not really because I am tired but just because I am not excited about it. My day has become SO predictable that I feel I am living the same day over and over, so I have kinda been in a gloom due to this and anything I thought of writing was just the opposite of fun and light hearted so, I thought let me get over this and do as I promised when I am ready!

So, that guys are my reasons behind the lack of posts but I am back and ready to get posting! Since nothing too interesting has happened this week I thought I could share with you something that I see on a daily basis that is not new to me but may be new to you all and some of you might really like it! =) I hope you guys enjoy this post and find it a bit different and interesting, on to the post, on to the post!

Lights, Cameras…Drive? Why do I say this in my title you may wonder? Well, guys today I am going to share with you all a bit about something I care deeply for which is no other than my…CAR! Like many people, my car is super important to me! This is the very first car that I purchased which yes! I bought it all on my own and could not be happier to say that. I take a lot of pride in being able to achieve things on my own and this was probably one of the biggest decisions I made so far in my life as it surely was my biggest purchase thus far! I could not be happier with the choice I made 2 years back, if I had to change anything I may change the fact that I purchased extended warranty on a fairly new car (silly mistake!) but I was thinking better safe than sorry right =)

Do you guys remember your first car? I often hear a lot of people saying there will be no other like your first car and I guess I can see that now. Before I use to say oh yeah whatever! I am going to get rid of this car after two years but guys! Two years is approaching quickly and I don’t see myself giving it up just as yet. So although this post is about my car, it also isn’t about my car as it is more so about something I did with it after purchasing =) Ever since I was 16 and had the ability to work towards getting my driver’s license I could always envision the kinda car I wanted and not much has changed from then till now. First off, I always dreamt of having a Ford Mustang which no guys, that is not the vehicle I purchased, it was WAY out of my budget but!! I have hope that sooner than later that car will be mine guys!! I am coming to get you Black Ford Mustang with the Suicide Doors and Drop Top. Ah yes guys…I am dreaming of that as crazy as it sounds especially knowing I live in a country that snows more than half the year. Anyways! I went for the next best thing which in my mind and of course my budget was a Mazda 3, I specifically ended up with a 2013 Mazda 3 which has been perfect for me! Anyone looking for an affordable good quality vehicle I would suggest checking out Mazda plus! They have a sporty look to it as well which appealed to me =)

So, after having a car for hmm I would say over 6 months, I thought of different things I wanted to do and guys! Trust me there are so many add on’s I’d love to do but with my car being under extended warranty I must be very careful with the adjustments I make as it can lead to defaulting the warranty! But there were two things I just had to do and no one or no warranty was going to stop me =) Those two things were…

–          Remote Starter

–          Ghostlights

I am sure most of you are familiar with what the remote starter is but briefly, it basically gives you the ability to start your car from a distance allowing it to warm up, really handy if you live in cooler climates. Now! What we are really here for =) The ghostlights! So, you may know or you may be wondering what that is and basically it serves no functionality purpose really but is more cosmetic. I first learned about this maybe 1 year before I got my car and when I seen it I was SO amazed, I honestly thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and from then I promised myself I would do it once I had my car =)

There maybe other names for it but I use the term ghostlights, if you guys know it by another name please share below =) So, these lights are hidden at the bottom of your car doors and work alongside the lighting system already in your car. When I open my doors, the lights shine but of course when I close it they shut off. It looks really cool at night and guess what! I got some photos to share with you all =) I had these installed only in my two front doors as I thought it may be a bit overpowering on all 4 and I think it turned out great! When I got these done I also did the remote starter at the same time as I got a fairly decent price to do both at once which was around $450.00 Canadian. I know, that is a bit pricey but for the range that I got my remote starter I was more than happy with that price! I believe if you were looking at the ghostlights on its own it may run about $200.00 – $250.00 Canadian depending on where you go of course. Some people may see this as a waste of money which some of my family members do but! It’s my car and I think it looks great =) When people usually see it they always ask how I did it and where did I go so I don’t think it is something seen often but guys! I guess it’s something you would have to really know you want to actually invest and do it. I love them and like I said, I am still aiming to get my dream car which when I do I would not think twice to install these again in any of my future cars!

So, there we have it guys! What do you think about these? Is this something you see around a lot where you live? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and as always thanks so much for taking time out of your day to visit my blog!

Take care! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post


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