Businesses Practicing Bad Business


Hey guys, hey guys HEY! Posting again, Here I am back in action =) So, my earlier post today was all good and full of thanks as I hit 100 followers today woahoo!! Please check it out guys as I would love you to know how thankful I am for the support my blog has received over the past 2 months! So thank you again =)

Now, in my Thank you 100 Times Over post I noted that I was not going to let anything ruin my mood today as how can I!? I got great news today so why should I let anything bring me down. I am usually a person that feels a bit more on the grumpy side so to speak when the weather is a bit unpleasant which yep! We are experiencing one of those kinds of days today but! I said NO! Today is a good day no matter what! Although I have been trying my best to avoid any frustrations today, of course I am bound to have one brought to my attention but guys, I promise I will not let this ruin my day but! It does bug me enough to express my thoughts on here as it is something that has been lingering in my life for the past few weeks. As this will be more so of a “rant” I guess you can say I will try to keep it to a limit as I do not want to have negativity swirling around for pages and pages!

Have you guy’s ever experienced REALLY bad customer service while trying to do business with someone? Whether it be a company or an individual

Well! I have experienced my fair share of bad encounters but that is expected in life right? But this guys! This experience that I have been involved with has left me with only two options, to be either speechless with disgust or a strong urge to use some choice words that I rarely use! So let me fill you all in with some details!

My boyfriend is a HUGE jewelry fan, he loves his gold and diamonds etc. I want to say two years back I purchased a custom pendant and chain for him from a fairly prestigious jeweller in L.A, I will resist from naming the business as I don’t want to give them any promo. So, I had purchased this for him as it was something he really wanted, and it was his birthday gift. To speed up this story, things went well; I spoke to a representative that was extremely helpful, worked with me through all of my 100+ questions and gave me a fairly reasonable price. Keep in mind of course, what I paid for was in all U.S dollars and as I live in Canada this was no small price to fill but nevertheless! I said I was going to do it and I did! My boyfriend was all smiles and loves what I gave him, thankfully!

Fast forward to ugh…January of this year. My boyfriend was interested in getting another custom pendant which he had two places in mind to check out, one including the above place I spoke of. So, although we knew that the quality of the place I previously did business with was good we decided to try out a well known local jeweller in Toronto to support Toronto and also to have more spending money as we would avoid the conversion rate.

Jewelry attempt 1 in Toronto – FAIL

So, we went to this location here in Toronto which we met with one of the owners and discussed what my boyfriend had in mind. Everything seemed well and we were promised to have the pendant ready for pick up in 3 weeks. My boyfriend was also promised to receive ongoing updates via WhatsApp with the jeweller himself and that by the end of it all the pendant would be 100 times better than what we envisioned. Now, I won’t go into too much details with either scenario as it would just be overly lengthy. But here is what happened…

–          There was BARELY any back and forth conversation as promised

–          We had to beg basically to receive updates and it was near impossible to receive photo updates although 3 weeks was quickly coming to an end

–          The 3-week turnaround period had gone by and the last week of that period we were only then receiving text messages

–          Finally, we received photos of the pendant after the due date which looked nothing like what my boyfriend had shown him or expressed…No surprise to me as this situation wasn’t looking good

Overall guys! We did not end up taking this as we felt pretty let down with the entire situation and worst part was that the person who did this was SO ready to just give us back the money that was deposited. Now, this can be a good thing and a bad thing, good as we got the money back no hassle but bad as it just really showed he had no care to even try working it out or making things better…

Jewelry attempt 2 L.A – FAIL!!!!!!

So, here we are again looking for this custom pendant a little while after our first mishap. This time around we decided reaching out to the jewellers in L.A. At first my boyfriend had sent an inquiry which he did receive a quote which was a bit on the high side especially in comparison to the size of the pendant and after the conversion to Canadian. As I had done prior business with them, I decided I would try reaching out to them and perhaps I would receive a better quote for being a returning customer. I did exactly that and low and behold I did receive a slightly better price than what my boyfriend was receiving. Now, we had a few questions so the emails were going back and forth constantly as we decided to inquire on various pendants to see where our best deal was.

Is this wrong guys, I feel that anyone would usually have a couple of questions and definitely would try getting the best deal for their dollar…Apparently, I was wrong.

So, it was a bit of a chain routine as I would pass along the details to my boyfriend which then I would communicate back to the jeweller and I did not mind as I knew how much my boyfriend wanted to get this done. Now let’s say a week and a half goes by, I did try doing a bit more negotiation with the jeweller as again, of course! I am trying to get the best deal which I was told the price I offered was not possible to do. I then responded and said I was interested in sticking to our original request and original price. GUYS! I did not hear anything back from these people ever again, even up to today which yes, I have tried reaching back out as I was confused to why I was being ignored in the first place.

Was I asking too many questions?

Was it something I said?

Does he think I am just pulling his leg and not going to buy?

Is it the price?

Is he away on vacation?


So, tons of questions swirled in my head and I just could not figure out what went wrong. I had a strong feeling that it may have been the amount of questions I asked but guys, we were not spending $10.00 here ok, we were spending over $2000.00 which I would like to this is a reasonable chunk of money so I only feel it is fair to ask questions until fully satisfied.

Fast forward bit again to current day!

After being ignored, my boyfriend decided to reach out to the company and inquire himself which he ended up speaking with 2 representatives plus the one I originally spoke with so a total of 3. Long story short was that prices were inconsistent, they quoted us a certain price that we were willing to go with which then they took back as they said they have no obligation to stick to one said price and it has an “expiration”, that we were asking to many questions and seemed unsure of what we wanted, that we had no respect for their business and basically just wasting their time.


So, guys, right now I sit and my mind is blown with how ridiculous these people are. Yes, I understand you guys are big shots and have celebrity clients but that gives you no right to ignore potential customers, make them feel as though they are a bother, make them feel as if they are the problem, and just overall provide poor customer service. I strongly believe that customer service is what keeps a business going and successful and just because you have gotten so far in your business career doesn’t give you the right to make people inquiring feel like nothing. This is the impression I have received with this whole experience that my boyfriend’s business is not a worry for them so we can just leave them alone. Oh yeah! And my boyfriend mentioned that we were returning clients as we did appreciate their craftsmanship (which yeah guys, even after I was ignored I made that clear to these people) which we thought we would receive a bit more respect than this as we are coming back to them but they simply told us they have turned down many returning customers that were willing to spend $100k… Ok thanks for shoving it in our face even more that our $2000.00 means absolutely nothing  nor does your returning clients.

It frustrates me so much that customer service has gone basically to nothing. I feel that no one should be treated this way just because they have questions. You are only in business due to the people coming to you and giving you their money…If you keep up your bad service your business reputation will slowly diminish.

Well guys, that is my rant, longer than expected but! Let me know what you think? Do you think I should be offended or not? Now, I am not letting this bring me down as I do not know these people personally so I can’t take it too personal but I must say I am disappointed in their service.

Anywho guys! Thanks for sticking this out with me and reading =) promise to have something lighter and more fun to read tomorrow!

Night! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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