Hey, hey, hey guys! Back again with another post for today before today comes to an end =) I know my last post was a bit on the lengthy side and yep I know most of mine are! Something I gotta work on but I promise that this will be a short and sweet post =)

Now, from the title of this post I am sure you guys have figured it out! I have finally created an Instagram page!!!!!! =) I am super excited for this as it is something I have been having one of my “mental tug of wars” about as I could not decide if it was a good idea or not. After much consideration, I figured if I am in for blogging for real I gotta expand my reach which meant putting myself out there more and more. You may have noticed from previous posts that I have been very hesitant with starting up all of this as I am scared to be put out there as I can be fearful of what is to come. I stress a lot on the “what ifs” in life which was leading me no where but only to where I have reached and I was stuck. This maybe weird for some of you while reading this as you are probably thinking what is the big deal? It is only social media but it is a big deal to me and weirdly enough I feel extremely proud of myself for taking the steps to push towards something that can become something exceptional in my life. If you find yourself relating to whatever I have said above and find that you to are a person that focuses on that “what ifs” in life, I have a little advice. I know it is hard as uncertainty is always scary but what is scarier is, staying put, doing something you are not passionate about for years and years and years. It is so scary to think that you will be stuck where you are while all you want is to progress, but I think what many of us fail to notice is that to progress we gotta do some scary things. Whether it be going across the world to further your education, or to quit your job to chase after that business you always wanted, or to even open a social media account to get yourself out there. You never want to be thinking “what if things turned out great” but never give it a try.

IMG_0134 (2)

So, guys! That is my little mouth full, do what you gotta do and be the best and most successful you. There you have it guys! My Instagram account is up and running and I would love to have all of you on there as well =) I will try filtering through everyone’s website to find your Instagram page so I can follow but if anything please leave me a message below with your Instagram name and you can count on me for a follow =) Thanks again for reading everyone you guys are great, you are a huge reason that I have been brave enough to move forward with this! Thank you

Instagram – Lifestyleforyoureyes

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  1. It’s awesome that you made an insta! I’m having the same thoughts that’s why I haven’t made one yet, but hopefully I will soon!

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    1. Awe yeah it definitely takes some thinking but what I have noticed is that I was just thinking and thinking and thinking and nothing was changing. So some words of encouragement for you, YOU CAN DO IT! =) Take the step and try, so far things have been great for me! I am seeing so much cool things on there and learning new things! Once you open yours let me know! I will give you a follow =)

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      1. Thank you so much for the encouragement 😊

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  2. Azra says:

    I just followed you, glad you made insta, it’s amazing. xx

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    1. Awe thanks so much!! Followed you back 😃

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  3. Lovely idea.. let’s connect, my Instagram is throughmylens123 xx

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    1. 😃great! I will follow you as soon as I find you thanks for sharing your name on there

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      1. No problem lovely, I think I found you.. just followed xx

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