Hot in Here!

Hello my fellow bloggers! How are you all today!? I must admit today I have been feeling a bit…sluggish and I am not too sure if it may be that I might be coming down with a cold or if I just need more sleep. Hopefully not a cold as I usually am not a happy camper while I am sick but! If I gotta be sick for a while I’ll just have to suck it up and move on with life right =) *Accept & Adjust*…

Speaking of Accepting and Adjusting, both such simple and common words yet I never thought to pair them together prior to this past weekend.  Here’s how the pairing came to me and how I plan on sticking it to me while facing tough times!

This past weekend I did share with you all that I did a bit of movie gazing but asides from that I did make sure to get in some physical activity as I am trying to live a more active lifestyle. Now, I believe I have previously posted that I do try hitting the gym a few times for the week but honestly speaking! The gym is not my favorite place. I try to go at least 3-4 times a week which even that can be challenging. With that said, I have always been curious to try other types of exercise whether it is a fitness class, hiking, yoga, etc. but! I have not had much luck finding someone to be my workout partner until this past weekend! =) One of my old friends from elementary school…yes guy’s elementary school! She reached out to me and asked if I was up for trying out a couple of Hot Yoga classes with her which I was ecstatic that she thought of me and was totally in for the adventure! Just a little background on the type of friendship we had, we were SUPER close as we lived in the same area for quite some time and we did so much together especially outdoor activities. Unfortunately, High school then College/University then Work…basically life just kept going and I had moved from that area which I fell out of contact with her for a while =(. Luckily though! I was able to get back in touch with her earlier on last year and we have been getting our friendship back on the road…I would not say we stopped being friends or anything just life got in the way BUT take that life! =) Super happy to have her back in my life as she was always a great friend and such a smart cookie! My parents adore her!

Now! You got the background story let’s get back to the main reason we are here…to get hot right!? Haha Hot Yoga that is =) after a bit of back and forth between the two of us, we agreed on purchasing a 10 class pass from Groupons for the Svengali Yoga Studio in Markham (yep I am back in Markham, ugh if I could only live there!) We got a super good deal on it which was $35.00 for 10 classes! Isn’t that great =)? After all set with our vouchers, we decided that we would attend our first class together on Saturday February 25th, 2017 which was scheduled to be a 90 minute class.

Beforehand thoughts!

I have never attended any yoga classes ever in my life so I was excited, curious, nervous, anxious, happy, scared, basically mixed emotions because I was not sure what to expect! My mind was like…

“Great! I can’t wait to see my friend; it will be just like the old days. Experiencing new things together”

“I can’t wait to get my flexibility back! I was so flexible when I was younger now I can barely comfortably touch my toes”

“Wait…I can barely touch my toes…what if this doesn’t go well”

“But I gotta try to know, I am sure it will be fine…The instructor will probably be super nice”

“What if I hurt myself trying to do something and just make a fool of myself…?”

Yep! So that was me like the night leading up to our class and especially the morning of the class. I was so unsure of how it was all going to go but when I did meet up with my friend I did find a bit of relief as I was happy to know I was not doing this all on my own.

Hot Yoga in Full Force…kinda

So we arrived to the location which it is located in a very nice area (same area I was in the prior weekend, Main St. Markham) We were a bit early so we decided to grab light breakfast before heading in for our class as we did not want to become lightheaded or anything of that sort! So after a bit of eating and chatting we made our way back to the yoga studio. When we went in there was a shelf to leave our shoes before actually entering the studio which we did! Once we entered there was a very strong smell of incents and guys! It was hot in there, we felt it immediately. So, both two things we had to get use to a bit as it is not something we are accustom to but! It was not bad, just different. So after a bit of paper work and getting introduced to the instructor and other individuals participating we were ready to go!

Here is my thoughts/experience on my very first Hot Yoga class:

–          Everyone we met including the instructor is SUPER nice! Like extremely sweet, oh my gosh I can’t believe how welcoming and kind they are.

–          We brought our own mats which were very basic yoga mats, luckily my sister had one which I borrowed but! We were told they were definitely not good for yoga and that we could actually hurt ourselves using them. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow the mats (B MATs) everyone else was using to get a feel of the quality in theirs!

–          I wore long pants with a thin long sleeve. This is usually my attire at the gym so I thought, why not plus! I had no other option really. Guys! This was a bad idea like! The pants are ok but! That long sleeve had to go!!!!!!!

–          The class started off with us lying on our backs with our eyes closed. The instructor discussed a metaphor of a palm tree and made reference to the term “Accept & Adjust”. I truly enjoyed this, it got my mind in a good place and I felt ready!

–          YOGA TIME. When we first started off things were going okie for…the first 5 minutes. GUYS! This stuff is TOUGH! It looks like movements that any human being should be capable of doing but it is hard! My friend and I were having a bit of a hard time keeping our arms and legs straight and holding our various poses for the duration required!

–          HOT? Yep guys, I am sure you figured this by now as I stated my long sleeve has to go! But it got pretty hot in there. The temperature in the room was manageable if you were just sitting around, but when your body temperature starts rising with an already warm room! You break quite the sweat!

–          The class was 90 minutes which sounds super long to be honest but I think while you are doing everything your mind is so far from “what time is it?” That you don’t even notice and then BAM you’re done.

–          At the end of the session, the others in the class asked how we liked it and really encouraged us to come back for the Sunday class.

Post 1st Yoga Class

So guys! After our first class I can say we were both super-hot and sweaty! Our bodies were pretty sore but we felt accomplished coming out of there finishing the entire thing! My friend and I discussed a couple of things on the way home and guess what! We decided to go for the Sunday class which yep! We did do =)

Our second class was good; we were a bit more prepared. This time around, I wore a t-shirt *yay me* hehe and even so I still sweat like a pig! Throughout our second class the instructor was very supportive and continuously helped us with getting our form right which! We still have a lot of work to do with that, but with time right! I would like to say that we did enjoy our Hot Yoga classes as we are actually going for a class tomorrow evening and plan on going for another Saturday morning =) so we do plan on sticking it out and hopefully having this become our new favorite activity. I do feel as though this is something I could truly enjoy doing as I feel sore after! I know I am getting a workout while doing this and asides from bodily workout it helps workout your mind and allows you to learn how to control your breathing which I believe is a very important part of yoga that I gotta work on! My friend and I have discussed going past our 10 day passes which we still have time to decide on that but we are leaning more so towards a yes than a no.

So was Hot Yoga successful for me?

Yes! I enjoyed it, although it was tough and will probably still be tough for me for months and months I like the difference in it! I have done the gym for the past year and there are parts I like with the gym but after a while it becomes boring, at least to me. As I said above, I really felt as though my body worked after completing the classes which I enjoy because then I know something is working! I feel like this will help me with my weight loss goals and also help lead me to a more peaceful and free mind. Definitely try it out if you are curious about it! Now just a heads up, the feeling you get at the moment of doing it will probably be frustrating and overwhelming but stick it out! You can do it, if I did you can!

For my folks reading this in the Toronto area! Check out Svengali Yoga Studio. The instructor has such a free and open spirit it is amazing! The others in the group are also very kind and supportive which I can’t get over! I am so use to going to new places and people sticking to themselves and not opening up so! To see these strangers approach you and comfort you is super refreshing! The studio is super clean and has free parking all around. I will leave the link below so you can check out their site =)

Well guys, I think I have far exceeded what I expected to write here so I will be closing it up here now! Long story short! I will be sticking it out for the 10 classes I have and I am hopeful  to continue past that =) As I continue to go I will keep you guys updated on my hot yoga journey so keep an eye out! If any questions please let me know below and I will try to help as much as I can! Thanks for reading!

Take Care…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post



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  1. I hope you feel better, a cold is the worst! I have also nominated you for the Cramm Award

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    1. Thanks so much!! I am feeling much better however, I believe it was the start up of my allergies rather than a cold =( I always get those mixed up!

      Awe thanks so much for the award!! I can’t wait to respond and also read your answers =) Thank you again I will get this done for sure

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      1. Haha, I can totally relate. Can’t wait to read your post featuring this award 🙂

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