1+1 can equal 1 you!

Good evening guys or Good morning, Good afternoon! Whatever time during the day that you are reading this I hope that time is good to you =) Currently evening time here, soon to be night time but before I close my eyes and get some rest I said to myself, I gotta post! So, lets chat shall we guys!?

Does the title of this post throw you off and have you scratching your head thinking…is she crazy? 1+1 definitely does not equal 1 and although I am super bad at math, I am not that bad guys I promise! I have some sense to make out of this =) You probably also noticed that my title includes the words can, equal, and you which again has nothing to do with math (well I guess equal does) and yep we are steering far from math here! This post truly has barely anything much to do with math just a crazy little title that popped up in my head =)

Have you ever felt as though at times you feel like 2 totally different people and even may get treated as 2 totally different people although you are one? Or maybe you sometimes feel like you are more than 2 different people, perhaps 3, 4,5, etc. Now, before I go further! I am not referring to the condition of split personalities as that is a serious topic. What I am talking about is more catered to feeling different depending on the type of clothing you wear, or the amount of effort you may put into getting ready one day vs. another day. I know for myself, I can feel like a totally different person one day just depending on the type of clothing I wear or the amount of makeup I wear which leads me to think at times, who am I?

Am I a glitzy, stylish kinda girl?


Am I a laid back, cozy kinda girl?


Am I someone that can’t get my time straight to get ready properly in the morning so I rush out the door?


Am I someone that takes a ton of time to get ready and is willing to even be late to straighten or curl that last piece of hair perfectly?

I wonder if any of you can relate to this feeling or am I losing it!? Now, for the most part I am someone who I guess you can say picks comfort and less time getting ready than dressy and more time invested in getting ready on a day to day basis. I have adapted that way of living for about the past 3-4 years as where I currently work we are blessed with having a casual dress code, so basically anything goes from dress pants, to jeans, to skirts, to leggings to blouses to hoodies, etc. Now! I totally love this because honestly guys, there are some mornings where I am just having a rough time getting up and starting my day so being able to throw on anything works great for me! Also along with the casual dress code I usually go through my day to day life without wearing any makeup and my hair usually tied up somehow. My makeup and “good” hair days are usually Thursdays and the weekends as those are the days I spend with my boyfriend so I gotta try and make an effort right (yes guys, he knows how I look totally dressed down too) So that is how I have gotten to this point of comfort rules majority of the time unless I am hanging with the boyfriend or perhaps meeting up with some friends or! If I do decide to put some extra effort in at work it usually is because the weather is nice or! I have a meeting to attend but other than those exceptions I am I guess what you would call a “Plain Jane” =) which for the most part I am okie with that but! As of this year I have been thinking about a lot of things! And how a lot has changed in my life which this being one aspect. I remember the days when I use to LOVE getting dressed up and I would ALWAYS be doing my hair in big curls or pin straight, I would wear some of the highest heels, fancy outfits, nails done (this has not changed guys, my nails will forever be done…I hope) makeup done, etc. And I think what happened to “that me”? The fashionable and stylish me, the me that had to be dressed the best? Where did I go?

With all of that said, yes while I was younger I had quite a lot more time on my hands than I do now and yes! The jobs that I worked at those times required me to be up to date with fashion and looking the best that I could as they were retail jobs.  But with that put to the side, I honestly remember myself truly enjoying all of that. There was a fun to getting ready, doing my hair, picking my outfits, just looking my best.

I miss that me.

It has not totally vanished but for the most part that me has gone missing in action at least, 4 out of the 7 days of the week and even sometimes longer. It makes me sad sometimes to think and I do get confused as I enjoy watching makeup tutorials and totally admire all of these beautiful girls on Youtube, Instagram, or any social media that just dress to kill day in and out and I think…what happened to me? I don’t want to already be saying and remembering how I use to be, I am only 24. I have even noticed (well not a big surprise but still weird) the days that I dress casually that sometimes people really just ignore you and let doors slam in your face or push in front or will not talk to me. While let’s say Thursday now when I go and I am all dressed up, doors are being held, people are making small talk out of the blue, and! I will get a TON of compliments on how nice I look and asked “where are you going?” Just with the difference in treatment there makes me totally feel like a different person when I am dressed down to when I am dressed up! It always gets me thinking twice when people compliment me on days that I am dressed up as they never say that stuff when I am casually dressed…makes me question do I really need to do all of this to look nice? Seems that way. Anywho, I cannot be too harsh on the people surrounding me for the difference in gestures as I myself do feel different when dressed up. When I am casually dressed I am more like hmm…a turtle in its shell, reserved but! When I dress up I am much more confident in myself which I guess makes sense, the saying is “when you look good you feel good” right?

The more and more I think about this the more and more confused I get. Then I noticed recently, I have been looking at this in the wrong way the whole entire time!! I kept thinking, I have to pick one, which will I be. Do I want to be fashionable confident me? Or Do I want to be casual turtle me? For weeks and weeks I thought and thought and just could not decide as there are things I like about both ways I dress and how each way makes me feel. Then TA DA! It hit me, I don’t have to pick one specific style and stick to that and only that, there is no one “right” me. I guess long story short is I like things about each style of mine, the casual style makes me feel cozy and comfortable in my own skin as I can face the world bear faced and spontaneously dressed while the dressy style makes me feel fierce and confident ready to conquer the world one heel at a time. I guess both are truly just me and I should stop racking my brain over sticking to one or missing one. I think too much of either just would not be for me as switching it up keeps it interesting! Perhaps I may try to incorporate dressy me a little more to fill that gap I have been feeling but by no means is casual me taking a hike, I am here to stay!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and found some relation to my little chit chat above! Let me know in the comments below guys =) Thank you for reading!

Byes! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. This is something I’ve also struggled with! Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between two things you love to do! Like dressing casual or dressing fancy!

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    1. That’s for sure! For some reason I always felt as though I had to pick one or the other, be a glam girl or not but! I realized you don’t have to pick either because both make me happy in different ways😃

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  2. Your post was eye opening. I feel like we all have different personalities around different people. Actually we should just behave like how we really are 😊😊

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! I feel exactly that way! Clothes aside for a moment but it is so true, I feel that we possess many different personas which we select the one necessary depending on who we are around or where we are situated at that time. For example, many people at my work would categorize me as a quiet, soft spoken individual which is correct as that is what I display around them but! If you ask my boyfriend, friends, or family they would probably categorize me as loud, goofy, and talkative which is again true! Now, these are both me and there is no “act” that I am putting on but I guess we adapt depending on our comfort level of where we are if that makes sense! We are all one person but I guess we kinda have a way of toning our personalities down or up depending on where we are!


      1. I totally agree with your words. I guess it is just how comfortable we feel around the people we are with, that is one of the biggest personality changers for us

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      2. =) For sure! Nice chatting with you, can’t wait to check out your blog!!

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      3. Thank you, you are so kind 😊

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