Cine-mazing Weekend!

Hey, hey, hey guys! How are you all =)? I feel as though I have not posted in a while which is strange because I posted yesterday but! I believe it feels that way because the last time I posted original content was…hmm Friday? If you guys checked out my post that I did yesterday you will see that it was in response to a blog award which again thank you to Beautyknowsnoflaws =) I answered some great questions from her, it was a lot of fun! Now I am back with some details on what I did over my weekend which I had a great one so I can’t wait to share it with you all! Hope you guys had a great weekend as well and happy day to you today!

Usually I would say my weekend festivities begin on Saturday as most Fridays I come straight home after work to kick back, relax and get rest for an adventurous weekend ahead however! My weekend kicked off a bit early this past weekend which was a great way to get things going! These past few days in Toronto have been much milder than usual for this time of the year (yes, it is still very cold but compared to the usual it is considered warm!) The sun has been shining, the temperatures rising, the winds…ugh the winds are still at it, strong as can be hehe but overall nice! With nice weather comes wanting to go out a bit more so that is exactly what my boyfriend and I had in mind! I was super excited and even left work an hour early to rush home to get all pretty purty for our date =) So, before I go any further I should tell you guys where we were off to! My boyfriend was very interested in watching the newly released movie The Great Wall so, we decided we would go check it out but!!! We actually decided to go watch it in the =) VIP Cineplex theatre in Markham (yep back in Markham, I think we secretly love Markham, I do at least) Do you guys have VIP theatres where you live? Let me know in the comments below and your thoughts on it if you went!

So, I would like to say that these VIP theatres came about maybe 2 years ago? They have not been around for long and some are an extension to the regular theatres while others are standalone locations. There are very few around but basically the point of it is to cater to the life of being an adult I guess you could say! Here in Toronto the legal drinking age is 19+ so, they made these theatres a 19+ zone which they serve liquor of course, a wide selection of food (not your typical theatre food) and the seating inside is very luxurious, kinda like a big leather sofa very spacious. This was our first time going to a VIP theatre so we were both excited to see the difference but we also are very comfortable with the regular theatres as well so! We wanted to see what the big hype was about!

So, prior to going guys as I said I went home quick sticks to try and get all purty for my date which of course was not quick at all! I am sure many of you can relate to this but hey! We just want to look nice right? No harm in that…asides from running a tiny bit late hehe. So yes guys, we were a bit late! But we did not miss any part of the actual movie however, we did miss the privilege of having our food ordered and delivered by staff which my boyfriend was not too happy about but! No biggie we got our food either way =) To avoid making this an extra lengthy post, I will list pros and cons about the VIP experience we had! Perhaps this may be something you guys may want to check out =)


Outfit of the date for Friday =) Excuse my room guys! I am going to try tiding up  better for outfit photos!



          The location we went to is very gorgeous! It is a large location with not only the theatre but a couple of restaurants as well

          Lobby was pretty cool, now I think this just maybe this location as I am assuming each one will have something different depending on where it is situated. They had some very detailed metal structures along with some beautiful light pieces. Very artsy!

          Stepping into the VIP theatre was like stepping into a different world with one step! One minute you are in a regular movie theatre setting with arcade games, next minute you’re in a classy lounge/bar

          Artsy feel continued throughout the Lounge, there are high top tables, a bar with seating and sofas surrounding a fireplace where you could enjoy drinks and dinner!

          Inside the theatre was great! Seating was cozy and spacious, there was a tray connected to the seat for you to easily eat while watching, very clean inside, and it had a romantic feel I guess you could say!

          We enjoyed Chicken Quesadillas for dinner which was yummy! Along with that we had a Corona each

          After the movie, we headed back out to the lounge area where we sat and had a drink before leaving. I had a lime margarita while my boyfriend had a screwdriver…Is it just me, or does anyone else agree that screwdrivers need a new name!?

          The location is very modern, while we had our drinks we scoped out the surrounding area which was very nice! Looks like a nice place to come back to in the summer as they have an outdoor terrace as well =)

          Movie was good! Had some good action, but some ridiculous parts as well but! I guess that’s all movies these days’ right


          VIP experience is of course much pricier than regular movie night. For two of us I believe it was near $50.00 for tickets only. Combining food and drinks I would say it ranges from about $100.00-$130.00? Comparing that to regular theatre prices is a big jump!

          There are not many locations. Now, this is not a huge deal breaker for us as we like taking the drive out but! The night we went it did start pouring half way through our way there so! Yes, in bad weather it would be nice to have more accessible locations

          There is also a gym within the building, it is directly across from the theatre which ah…I am not crazy about going on a date and immediately viewing people workout (gym is surrounded with glass, you can see everything) but again this is minor and perhaps only this location

SO! There you have it guys, as you can see there are a ton more pros than cons! Now this isn’t to say that the VIP theatre is better in anyway than the regular theatres. This is just the pros and cons of that experience itself, what there is to look forward to and what to think about prior to going =) I would say it was a nice experience, I wouldn’t mind going again like I said when the weather is nicer and we could perhaps adventure out and about but it is nice to go occasionally to switch things up a bit. But guys, I love my regular theatre too! When you think theatre, you think popcorn, pop, and a laid back time so we decided to go for that on Sunday after going for the VIP experience on Friday which was just as enjoyable.

Sunday, we went for an evening show at one of the local theatres in our area! We decided to watch Get Out with my boyfriend’s sister who is really into scary movies! We have gone to this theatre many times before and I can honestly say guys it is nice as well but yes, it is your typical theatre! But what more do you really want other than popcorn, pop and good company right!? This movie was also pretty good! I think both my boyfriend and I would agree that we enjoyed Get Out more than we enjoyed The Great wall. They are both such different movies so they are hard to compare side by side but! If we were to say which movie caught our attention and kept us on our toes, I would have to give it to Get Out! So, check out these movies guys, let me know what you think and if you get to see both =) let me know which one you preferred!

I will leave you guys with a couple of photos from our Sunday theatre evening just so you guys can compare to the above photos from the VIP theatre! I did not take too much of the regular theatre as it is the normal things you are use to seeing but! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and are considering either checking out one of the above movies I seen or! Checking out a VIP theatre near you =) Thanks for reading!!

Later! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. The VIP cinema looked really cool! I also love your outfit

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    1. =) Yeah it was pretty nice in there! I couldn’t believe we were in a Cinema! The lobby honestly felt like a classy lounge that you would come across downtown Toronto. So it was a pleasant surprise! =) And thanks so much!! My top is from Fashion Nova which I recently purchased and did a quick post on, if you want more details check it out =)

      Do you have VIP theatres where you live?

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      1. Yeah the lobby looked like it had such a nice feel to it! I will definitely check out your post 😊 I don’t have a VIP theater, but we have one that has reclining seats! It’s a lot of fun

        Liked by 1 person

      2. =) Yeah for sure! Let me know what you think of the post and very cool! Cozy seats and a good movie is all you really need right…well maybe some snacks too =) hehe thanks for reading and chatting with me!

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  2. I love the outfit! This sounds like such a cool weekend – really fun to read❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! Thanks so much and Thanks for stopping by =) The top is from Fashion Nova which I recently purchased and the skirt, I got so long ago! I can’t remember the store =( The weekend was a great time! I feel like I am kinda caught up with the latest movies hehe =) do you have VIP theatres where you live?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha that’s never a bad thing! And no I haven’t heard of them before 😦 x


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