What’s in the Mail – Fashion Nova Edition

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday (Happy day!), it is a Wednesday here in Toronto which means we are half way through this week woahoo! So far the day has been going quite well for me =) So far so productive! I had an early start with hitting the gym at 6:00AM worked out for an hour, have now completed my work day which I can say has been successful and now I plan on doing some blogging and oh yeah…opening a package =). Overall guys I am having a great day! I hope you are also enjoying the day and making tons of progress with anything you set out to accomplish today.

Last week I made a post about my bad habits which one included was my shopping obsession! I had mentioned that I was expecting a few packages and one would be coming from the very popular website Fashion Nova.

Guess what guys!?

Today was one of those days that I received a package and yes guys I am sure you already know, my package received is from Fashion Nova. It is always super exciting to receive something in the mail which I guess is strange since you would probably already know what it is but every time I order something I am tracking that package like no tomorrow! It gets pretty ridiculous as I will check up on the same tracking number ugh…8-10 times a day? Although I know it will not just magically appear in my hands for some reason I remain hopeful that by me checking over and over again that yep…It will just appear in front of me, silly huh? Anywho! All part of the excitement of receiving new clothing, I am always super happy to try on the clothing see how it looks, if it fits how I expect, so on and so forth. So, as I received this today, I decided I would share my unveiling with you all and give you guys my honest opinion on the items I ordered. Now with that said, I have ordered from Fashion Nova before and for the most part I have been extremely pleased with their clothing especially their jeans! Today I have only three items to share but as I said guys, I am expecting more packages to be received plus I have tons of clothing from Fashion Nova as well as other online boutiques that I would be more than happy to share with you all if you like this sort of thing! So let’s open it already right!


Packaging is very simple, came in a cushioned envelope which works fine as there is nothing fragile here. =) I previously bought a pair of boots from here which then my items arrived in a box! I know, that is obvious hehe

Clothing Specs

So Guys, I only ordered 3 things this time around as while I was on their website I was trying very hard to talk myself out of ordering anything at all but! I could not resist temptation so I ordered what I originally went for plus one other item and I felt a bit less guilty at the time for walking away with only 3 items. Now thinking of it! I truly feel like buying a good few pieces at a time is probably more worth it as I did end up paying for shipping which I would usually get free by exceeding the magical $75.00 mark.  But it is done and over with now so, no need to dwell on what cannot be reversed right! Here are the 3 items I purchased with pricing, colour, and sizing =)


Wanderlust Hoodie – Grey – Medium for $19.99

Wanderlust Legging – Grey – Medium for $19.99


Smooth Repetition Bodysuit – Black – Medium for $22.99

So, guys, what triggered me to go to this site that day was the Wanderlust Set which is basically a cute track suit. I had seen this set SO many times since I started shopping there and have read tons of great reviews on the material and how well the suit fits on but! I never purchased it as the top for the suit is a cropped top and the overall set is a very fitted piece which I like the idea of that but just was not sure how it would look on me. So after months and months of seeing it and reading about it, I watched a Youtube video and seen how nice it looked on the girl in the video and was like gosh, I really want to get this! I had added these two pieces to my cart so many times over the past year and continuously removed it as I just was not sure if it would be something I would wear but yep I took this as a sign. It was not leaving my sight, it must be for me right? =) As for the black bodysuit, I have been looking for a nice off the shoulder top and I was just in luck! This was the exact style I was looking for and it just worked out better for me that it is also a bodysuit and black! I am a huge sucker for black clothing, I would say more than half of my wardrobe is black =)


So, I was super excited to try on the set and the bodysuit but I can say that my excitement faded away quite quickly unfortunately =(. As I feared, the Wanderlust set was a bit too fitted for my liking. Now, I have been having some issues with my weight over the past year and I am pretty self-conscious now while wearing extremely fitted clothing. It is crazy to me as I previously use to LOVE wearing skin tight clothing but as I got older my metabolism has slowed down and I have gained a few pounds that I am not use to so overall I felt a bit insecure as it clearly showcases my problem areas. Deep down I kinda knew this would happen but I tried to be positive and hope for the best, I am not completely ruling this outfit out as I hope to use it in the near future after a shed a few pounds! As for the actual material and all it is very soft and thick so nothing beneath shows through. Another thing that I was not too crazy about was the top portion. Now, I know the top is a crop top but I thought ordering a size medium would mean that it would run a little larger. I was hoping that the length would be a bit longer but it was still the length of a regular crop top which! I guess I cannot be too picky as it is a crop top in the end!

My thoughts on the bodysuit is that I do like it! It fits nicely and would look totally cute with a high-waisted skirt so definitely going to make the outfit come to life! My only complaint with this piece would be that it does not have the buttons at the bottom to open it up, if that makes sense. With this bodysuit you have to step into it as there is only way one of getting in and out which can be tricky for using the washroom…-_- I guess I would wear this somewhere that I would not be in for too long, perhaps a dinner for a few hours?

Overall, I love this site and their clothing! Yes, I did not have the best luck this time around with the set I purchased but like I said, I kinda anticipated that would happen but I can see it becoming something that I love very much! If you guys have any questions about the site or the items that I bought please let me know below! Like I said before, I have purchased lots of clothing from here before so feel free to ask me questions about their denim as well if interested! But for now, I think that brings this post to an end so! Thank you for reading guys, take care =)

Wait, wait wait,  of course for much more details visit their website as well!! =)


Goodnight…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. Azra says:

    With these kind of websites it’s really hit or miss, sometimes you get amazing stuff and sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted. xx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. For sure! That is the tricky thing with online shopping, somethings appear to look so nice online but when you receive it, it can be a different story. But as I said! The products are good quality it is just I am not 100% comfortable with the set at this time but am hopeful to use it in the future =) so hopefully that can happen and I will love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Azra says:

        I hope that too dear, it looks really nice and stylish. xx

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