Jump into a Saturday with me!


Hello Everyone! Back at it posting another tonight before the night is done, perhaps I may even post another! So, I hope you all got to read my earlier post today on my thankfulness for gaining 50 followers, thank you all so much again! So, I will make this intro short as I made a lengthier one on my earlier post but I must say that I hope you are smiling and hopefully this post will make that smile even larger, lets do it!

Yesterday was Saturday and guys I had such a great day! I really wanted to give you all a bit more insight to somethings that I enjoy doing as well as to some new things that I experience so, join me and take a look into my Saturday that has just gone by! In no means do each of my Saturdays go like this but! There are some aspects that do occur every weekend, whether it be a Saturday or a Sunday. So, I hope you enjoy!

My day started off around 8:30AM yesterday which I wakey wakey (got up) rolled around a bit, was greeted by my multiple stuffed animals, checked my phone and decided let’s go to the gym. The sun was shining and I was ready to get out there and have a good workout! This past week I actually did very little exercise which I know is not good but guys! I am trying to get back on board. So, brushed my teeth, started my car, got dressed, and off to the gym I was.


Gym Routine – I am definitely far from being an expert in the gym as I have not been going to the gym for a long time and for the little time I have been going it has been far from consistent. I do attempt to go 4 days a week before work which some weeks I do super well and others (this past week) I do horrible! Nevertheless, this Saturday morning I made it and did what I usually do!


10 Minutes Treadmill walk – 5 Incline & 3 Speed

10 Minutes Treadmill walk/run – 1.5 Incline, 2.5 Walking Speed/5 Running Speed. I usually do 1 minute running and 2 minutes walking, sometimes I will just do 20 minutes of this and bypass the first warmup but yesterday I did 10 minutes of each!

20 Crunches (3 Reps)

20 Heel Touches (3 Reps)

10 Plank Hip Raises (3 Reps)

20 Plank with Hip Twists (3 Reps)

20 Hip Thrusts/Hip Raises) (3 Reps)

Above guys are the exercises I did yesterday at the gym. I like doing 3 sets of each exercise but not one after the other if that makes sense. So, I would typically do crunches, heel touches, plank hip raises, plank with hip twists, and hip thrusts then take a short break and then repeat two more times to complete 3 sets of each exercise by the amount I set out to do. Hopefully that is clear but if any questions or you are interested in these workouts leave me a comment below! I will try to help out but as I said, I am no pro!

So, after the gym kicks my butt a bit (or I kick its butt…) off to home again home again I go! Earlier this week as we all know it was Valentine’s Day! I purchased a couples Thai Aromatherapy Massage from Groupons and scheduled it for February 18th, 2017 at 2:45PM for of course my boyfriend and I! I was super excited to go as it would be our first time going to a Spa together here in Toronto and yep I was excited to try out a new place with my boyfriend =). Jumped in the shower, got ready to go and hit the road!

img_1157*Here are some of my favorite moisturizers that I am currently using! I use the Aveeno for my face believe or not, and the two others for my body! They smell great and keep your skin silky soft =)*

It was about 12:30PM when I picked up my boyfriend and we began our adventure to the Spa. We were headed to the city of Markham which is not too far from us, about a 20-minute drive or so depending on how far in you go. I personally love Markham and would not mind moving out there if I could do so! I much rather live there than downtown Toronto, it truly is a beautiful city and has been developing quite well but still manages to keep a charming feel to it! So off we went which we had a great drive! The weather here this weekend has been super mild and sunny! We even left our winter jackets at home guys which felt AMAZING! We made it to the Spa around 1:15PM which was super early for our appointment but that was not a problem as the Spa is located close to a lovely strip of stores which we were more than happy to walk along for an hour. We seen so many cool custom stores that you usually do not come across so it was refreshing to see, just the street (Main Street) itself is not something you usually see on a regular basis. I have been here a few times before to have dinner but to actually walk around I have not! So, it was a good time seeing new things and just spending quality time with my love. Before heading back for our appointment my boyfriend actually found a pretty neat game store that he enjoyed as he collects cards and we both enjoyed a drink from a family owned Café called “It’s the Cats Meow”. Very cute spot and really makes you feel cozy! It felt so nice supporting a local shop rather than the big organizations we see daily. The owner was super friendly, my boyfriend was happy with his hot chocolate and I was very happy with my chocolate milkshake, YUM!


After our little treat, we made our way back to the Spa which is called “Tsingtao Wellness Spa” and were greeted by a friendly lady who took our information. We were ready for our 75-minute-long massage and it looked to be that we were in good hands! Our registered massage therapists were both extremely kind and the Spa guys is beautiful! Now, I only captured photos from the outside but trust me do not pass this place up from its outer appearance as it is lovely inside. Very clean and has a nice tranquil feel to it =). The massage tables were draped in cozy silk fabrics and the tables were also heated! Something I have never seen before either, it was a nice touch. We selected our oil which we both went with lemongrass and before we knew it the ladies got right to work. We did full body massages and guys! It was great!!!!!!!!! They used good pressure and used different techniques which included some stretching, heated towels and stemmed herb fabrics. Overall, my boyfriend and I were very pleased and would definitely go back here soon! As I said earlier, I did purchase this on Groupons for $75.00 (Canadian) which was a great deal for 75 minutes! We did have to pay taxes and tip at the location which was not a problem as I was aware of this prior to going. At the end of the session they do provide an RMT invoice if needed so you even have the chance to claim the amount back on your insurance if you can. So overall, I was super happy with their services, if you are in the Toronto area check them out!! =) I will link their website below


We were SO relaxed after that and could have done with jumping straight into bed but! We had to grab some dinner before that. We were planning to have dinner at a restaurant on Main Street but when we went most places were closed and opening at 6:00PM for dinner, we were too early but do not fear! My boyfriend and I knew just the place to go =) So with a few twists and turns along the streets of Markham we ended up at the Smash Bar Restaurant. I know, Smash Bar? The first time I heard of this place to I was like…Hmm I am not sure if I want to go there. The name and the outer appearance kinda throws you off but! Trust me guys! This place looks so modern yet cozy inside and has a delicious menu! My boyfriend and I both have the same favorite restaurant which is Moxies but last night guys he said that Smash Bar beat back our favorite restaurant with what he ate =O. I was like WHAT! But the food was really good guys (I’ll never stop loving Moxies though, ever!) We were seated in such a cozy booth which I believe was the only one like that there so that was nice and our waiter was very energetic and kind! We had…


Grilled Calamari – DELICIOUS, well seasoned SO, SO, SO good! If you love seafood, you will love this

Lobster Tacos – Very tasty as well, lots of fresh flavors!

Main Meals

Grilled Salmon & Rice – This was very good! Salmon can be a hit or a miss. Sometimes places overcook it and other times places undercook it. It was cooked perfectly and seasoned well =) I enjoyed

Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes – This was my boyfriends dish which looked so yummy! I was going to get this but it has bacon and sausage as well which I do not eat. He really enjoyed it and yep! Said it was better than his usual Moxies dish which shocked me!!

We skipped out on dessert as we were both so full and really just wanted to go home and relax in bed! Unfortunately, guys I am so not use to taking photos of everything I do so! I did manage to catch a snap of our food but…we had already dug in so it doesn’t look as great as it did when it first arrived but here it is! I will try to get better at this which I am sure it will become routine sooner than later =).

When we got home we jumped right into bed, put on the Allstar Basketball game and relaxed! This basically brought our day to an end which again I think we would both agree that we had an amazing day. I love spending quality time with my boyfriend and there’s just something about exploring and experiencing new things together that makes me so happy! There is no other person I would have holding my hand through the big and small adventures of life! So, that wraps up my Saturday guys! I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about it and hopefully this inspires you to take a trip into Markham and explore Main Street =) Any questions or comments please leave me a comment below and take care guys!

Later!…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post


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