Operation Repair: Pearly Whites


Hello Guys! Happy Day, Happy Day how are you doing today? Hopefully having an amazing day with no issues! I must admit, today I have been feeling a bit on the tired side which is not good! I believe I will have to have an early bedtime tonight or if not that perhaps I will have to catch up on some sleep this weekend! Hope you guys are not experiencing the same problem as me and are wide awake and vibrant!

Speaking of vibrant! I personally LOVE a big bright shiny smile, but sometimes our smile can get a bit dull and need some extra help asides from the toothpaste and mouthwash. I have always been one to try my best to keep my teeth shining as bright as I can but I also do love drinking coffee and I have quite the sweet tooth that I cannot seem to tame. So with that combination I do tend to find at times my teeth just need that extra oomph to help them continue to shine! I have seen TONS of DIY hacks posted online whether it is Youtube, Pinterest, Google, etc. There are so many variations on how to obtain white teeth it is pretty hard to pick from one but! You have to start trying somewhere right!? So I have decided to try out one method that I came across quite a few times while browsing the wonderful world of the web which is a paste! Now, when I do these sorts of things whether it is with my face, my body, or my teeth, I usually like the methods to be short and sweet. I try to pack my day with various things to do so the sooner I finish one thing the better for me as I can do more! Okie, you guys get it I have no patience =) on to the whitening remedy!

So, as I said above I came across this many times and it is a very simple combination that is said to work magic on your teeth. The paste is made up of only two ingredients, lemon juice and baking soda and! You only need to rub this on your teeth for 1 minute and rinse off, this definitely fits my checklist of short, sweet, and simple =) I was a bit hesitant prior to trying it as I feel that the mixture of lemon and baking soda would be a bit harsh but! Then I thought about it more and said hmm…I have used whitening strips before and on a daily basis I do brush my teeth with a 2 step whitening tooth paste so I am sure this can’t be as bad as what I am already doing so let’s do this! Also guys, I did do a little bit of research as well which it appears that baking soda has not been linked to any cases of teeth decay/damage as some toothpastes do use baking soda as it can remove surface stains but! It is the lemon we gotta watch out for which makes sense as it is very acidic and of course acid breaks down enamel but guys, this is not something you would do daily so just keep that in mind as well, this is just to be used as a boost when needed! If anyone else reading this is aware of any advantages or disadvantages of these ingredients being used on teeth please leave a comment below so I can learn more! Okie Take two, on to the whitening remedy!

Lemon + Baking Soda Paste


–          Half of a Lemon (Squeezed)

–          1 Tsp. Baking Soda


  1. We are of course! Going to mix these two together in a small bowl, I like to squeeze my lemon then add the baking soda and stir, stir, stir!
  2. You will notice that this little concoction will start to frizz up. Now! When I seen this guys I was like…Ok maybe this isn’t good for my teeth as I remember seeing things like that in science class years ago but! Heck, I still went for it, the frizzing dies down too =) just the reaction of the acid and the baking soda which I am sure you guys knew already!
  3. Now to apply! So before applying this to my teeth I did not brush my teeth but I did rinse and pat my teeth dry. The reason I did not brush my teeth then use this paste was due to a bad experience I had before in a very similar situation…Oh my gosh guys short story time!?


So! A while ago I use to use Crest White Strips to whiten my teeth which yes guys! If you get the right kind for your teeth they do work like a charm but! Overuse will cause severe sensitivity so just be careful. Before I would put on the strip I would brush my teeth and I would be yes using whitening toothpaste. When I put that strip on my teeth, oh my gosh my teeth felt soooooo…I have no clue how to describe it but not well! Like you know when you have a cavity and you eat something sweet or drink something cold? It was like that sensation which is not pleasant for sure! I did keep it on for a while but took it off sooner than usual. After that, my teeth had that sensitive feeling for a couple of months after especially when I ate/drank anything sweet although I was staying far from the strips. I eventually seen my dentist as like I said before! I have a sweet tooth and I need my sweet so I had to know what I could do to make this better and enjoy my sweets. He told me that nothing looked to be wrong that I had no cavities or anything but! While I was staying far from the strips I was still using my 2 step whitening toothpaste which he told me to lay off and use something more like Sensodyne. So! I did just that, I used Sensodyne for about a month which I hated! I found that it just was not doing a good job of giving me that fresh feel that I loved. I switched it out for a regular Crest toothpaste with little whitening agents which was fine for a bit but…My teeth were lacking the shine so I jumped back on my 2 step whitening toothpaste which I use every day and I love, it does work guys! Also while I am using this toothpaste currently I do not find any sensitivity so that is why I continue to use it but I believe if were to resort back to using the strips often along with this toothpaste I would be in trouble!…THE END

  1. Where were we…application! So I rinsed and pat my teeth dry and with a Q-tip I smothered this paste along the top and bottom of my teeth. Try your best to just keep smiling and do not shut your mouth completely as you really do not want to swallow it but! It is kinda hard…I don’t want to get to gross here so if you try it! You will see what I mean by it is kinda hard =)
  2. After the minute is complete thoroughly rinse and Ta da! You are done! I also did not brush after rinsing it off as well as I was in fear of still damaging my teeth but! Perhaps if you are not using a very strong whitening toothpaste you can brush, personal preference =)

So guys! There we have it! I will be testing this out on a weekly basis and providing an update hmm maybe in 3 weeks?  I can say that currently my teeth do look a bit brighter…whiter yet hmm…undecided. So let’s give it a few attempts and I will keep you posted! Also if you guys have or are going to try this out, let me know how it goes and if you are seeing any progress =). Below I will also leave a photo of the white strips I use occasionally as well as the 2 step toothpaste that I use daily to keep my teeth as pearly as can be! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if any questions let me know belows! Thanks for reading!! =)


Talk to you guys later! Until the next Operation Repair Edition!


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