Bad Habits on Replay

Hello Everybody! What is up, how is the day going? So far so good I am hoping to hear, my day has been going well not bad. I am actually pretty excited as I will be seeing my boyfriend soon so that is always a great treat after a long day at work! Hope everyone has something to look forward to before your day ends!

Today I wanted to just chat with you all as I have been showing you guys a few different things (Beauty Remedies, Food, etc.) so I said why not just talk about what has been weighing heavily on my mind these past few days! To kick this topic off, I have questions for you all!

Have you guys ever experienced how hard it can be to beat a bad habit?

Have you guys tried and tried and tried to yet find yourself doing exactly what you have been trying to avoid?

And lastly, have you guys ever done something while in your mind you are telling yourself no, this is not a good idea but you still follow through and do it?

I want to say I am 100% sure that everyone goes through tough times while trying to break habits and may have found themselves in relatable situations to my questions above, I have! Last night I watched a TV show on MTV (Are you the one? Anyone else watches it!?) that finished around 10:00PM. After watching, I was not too tired as yet so I decided to read some blogs and also check out Youtube. My search last night on both WordPress & Youtube was beauty and fashion. After reading and watching a couple of videos I ended up on a website called Fashion Nova which I must say has become one of my personal favorite places to shop and I believe it is a favorite of many others as well! So guys! I have this bad habit of going to these online boutique sites and browsing and adding this, that, and the next to my cart. I will see SO many cute things and just add away because really you are just gathering a pile and once I see let’s say 10 items in my cart I will say hmm…let me check out what I have there. So! I will go check it out, see if I really like it, if it is worth it and! Of course ask myself…Do I really need this right now? During this whole process things are being removed from my cart and usually I will end up with about 3-6 items left that for some reason I can’t say no to and I will sit and think and think some more. Eventually! I end up just clicking checkout, PayPal, confirm payment and BAM I just bought myself some new clothes. The funny or weird thing is I feel so bad that I did it right after when I see “thank you for placing your order” but! While hitting that confirm button I am just like oh my gosh, I have to have this stuff when truly…I clearly do not “need” anything as my life would not stop if I did not get it. If only that could register properly in my head before following through with check out.

Guys, charge me as guilty! I am a serial shopper =(

Now! Before I go any further with this, I want to say the site I have mentioned above is a GREAT site, they have such trendy clothing for great prices but! I do not only shop there, when I shop online it is usually 3-4 sites that I am bouncing back and forth with so in the end it all adds up…Just doesn’t seem to bad when you see oh $60.00, no problem…$100.00, no problem…$80.00, no problem…$140.00, no problem and! So on and so forth. By the time I am done I am probably spending an easy $400.00 or more especially since I am in Canada, most of these sites are in the States, Australia, UK, China, etc. Most items are always priced in US so the conversion is crazy plus, depending where it is coming from shipping and of course good old duties and taxes when the package arrives. So don’t get me wrong! Shopping online rocks but when you can press buttons so quickly and easy on every site you visit it can become a bad habit. Now thinking of it, I really never use to be much of an online shopper. I use to be the one saying I have to try it on before I buy to see how it fits but now! I prefer to shop online than in stores (So I don’t shop in stores you are thinking? No guys I still shop there, I shop wherever I get a chance) There is just so much more variety and unique items that you cannot find in stores but! It is dangerous because it is SO easy to shop, if you are an online shopper I am sure you can relate to me. So guys, I am currently waiting on receiving 2 packages and received one yesterday from Australia. The two I am waiting on are coming from the US and China so! I would like to say I plan on receiving 10 pieces of new clothing? Now, I am kinda split because when I think of that I don’t really see a huge deal because that is how I have always been I love fashion but! When I tell others about it or when my family sees all these packages coming in month after month plus the bags I come walking in week after week they kinda look at me like why do I shop all the time and where am I getting all this money to spend all the time which then makes me think hmm…I guess this is a bit out of hand. This year I had said to myself that I would stop buying all of these things because sometimes guys when I get these items they may not fit right or they just may not be items I can use until I have an occasion to use it for which by the time that occasion comes I am ready for something new! So basically it is a lot of money being spent on things I do not need to have that very moment and can be used on other things like savings(scary word to me) So I said, I will stop and I also said my goal this year is to lose some weight. I told myself, It makes no sense buying clothing for a body that I plan to change a bit which I thought yes this will keep me away from shopping until I am satisfied with my weight…clearly my weight does not bother me that much so I keep shopping.

This brings me to my next bad habit! Diet and exercise. Now I do not want to make this post extra-long but when it comes to weight loss I find it hard! I am one of those people that jump on the exercise and diet plan fast and go at it good for 2 weeks then…something happens, I have an occasion or I go out with my boyfriend for dinner or with friends and I use that one not so healthy meal as an excuse to be unhealthy the rest of the week and start fresh next week. UGH!

Do any of you do this to or is it just me?

It is super frustrating, I try not to be too hard on myself as simply I am just trying to tone up not really lose much weight but! I just have a bad habit of eating what I want and slacking off not hitting the gym continuously which then I feel so bad at the end of the week. It really sucks, with both of these bad habits I have I know in my head what I should be doing but I still do the opposite which I know, makes no sense. I actually came across a song recently that I love because it speaks to me so much not only in these matters but overall in my life, it is called Voices in my head by Big Sean (LOVE his music) here is a little idea of the lyrics:

Voices in my head sayin’ I could do better, damn

Voices in my head sayin’ that I knew better

(You know better, what the ____)
I done seen this _____ happen a hundred times on the regular
But I still crossed the line like I’m blind, damn
Voices in my head saying I could do better
(You always do the same _____)

This was supposed to be the last time, last hit
Last call, last feel, last trip, last run
That’s what I always tell myself, huh, damn
This was supposed to be the last one, last two
Last flip, last you, last me, last night

Now of course, my habits above may not seem that serious as the things he refers to in this song but guys it is the same thought process I basically go through and like I said not only with these two habits but other aspects of my life too. I hate knowing that I know so much that something is not right that I should not do it but still end up doing exactly that, really makes me feel disappointed. Like he says, I know I could do better but I just need to find the best way to break my habits instead of always saying ok this is the last time, no more after this then! Two weeks after repeating history again.  Have you guys come across successful ways of breaking bad habits? Let me know in the comments below! I know this post was a bit all over the place but hopefully you guys got where I was coming from! Thank you for reading

Let’s find ways to break these bad habits! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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  1. Ipuna Black says:

    Habits are hard to break. One thing I know is that the more days you go without something, the easier it gets. The first few days are the worst. Maybe during the first few days do something else to endure the anxiety of breaking a habit. So for example, I love chocolate. Ha ha. If I want to stay away from chocolate, the first few days are the worst. It gets better the longer I’ve been away from it. I’ll replace the chocolate with pistachios. It’s healthier and keeps my mouth moving. 🙂 It doesn’t get rid of the craving, but it does make it easier.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing what works best for you! Chocolate is a very hard thing to stay far from so I can see how it is a hard habit to break! I have not really tried replacing shopping with much else though so thanks for that suggestion I will have to find a good replacement! I actually thought perhaps picking up the gym would keep me busy and far from shopping and eating bad foods but I think I will have to find another replacement rather than trying to break both of my bad habits with one alternative!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ipuna Black says:

        Ha ha. Sometimes a run or the gym replacement can help. I think the fact that we are trying to do matter says a lot!!! We can pat our backs for that. 🙌​ (Or hi-five. Ha ha)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha ha yes! For sure we are trying and our minds are in the right place at least 😃

        Liked by 1 person

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