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Hi Everyone! How are you guys? Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Tuesday or Happy Day to you! Valentine’s Day has arrived and I must say my colleagues and I were in for a treat at work today! We have decided to do a potluck for the special occasion and also to just have some time to catch up with one another as a group. Potlucks are great ways to have a full meal served without one person having to actually prepare a full meal! This is especially fun to do with larger groups of friends, families and of course co-workers! I always look forward to our work potlucks as we get to try each other’s favorite meals most the times and also it is just a nice feeling to make something and have someone truly enjoy it!

Now, we have done potlucks before and I have scored big points on my cornbread whenever I bring it in so! Guess what I am making?

Guessed it! Cornbread =)

As always guys! As much as I wish I could say I thought up this recipe on my own, I cannot.  This recipe was one that I got a couple years back from Allrecipes, so big credit to the individual that posted this originally! This has to be the softest, tastiest and most moist cornbread I have ever had! Anytime I make it either for family, or my colleagues I receive endless compliments!!  Below I would like to share with you this fabulous recipe of course but! I would also like to insert the direct link to where I retrieved this recipe as credit is due guys! – Credit to BETHANYWEATHERSBY, this recipe has received a full 5 star review with a total of 4643 people reviewing it! How great is that!!!


  • ½ Cup of Butter
  • 2/3 Cup of Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Cup of Buttermilk
  • ½ Tsp. Baking Soda
  • 1 Cup of Cornmeal
  • 1 Cup of All Purpose Flour
  • ½ Tsp. Salt

So, as we can see guys this recipe is fairly short and sweet as we are only using 8 ingredients and I promise this taste amazing! If you guys have never had cornbread definitely give it a go! It is not the healthiest thing in the world to be munching on but it is pretty close to being one of the tastiest things!!  Below, I will insert the directions on what to do with these lovely ingredients. Just a small side note, when selecting the cornmeal I prefer using the finely ground type rather than the coarsely ground option as I prefer the texture to be smoother than crunchier but totally personal preference!


  1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F (175 degrees C). While that is heating up, lightly butter or oil (your preference!) a pan, it can truly be any shape really as I have done a circle, square, rectangle, etc. =) Turns out great either way!
  2. Grab your butter and throw it in a large pan/skillet. As the butter is melting, add in the sugar and continuously stir (make sure heat isn’t super high or it will caramelize/burn) Once these two ingredients are nicely combined, remove it from the heat and add the 2 eggs, ensure mixture is well beaten together. Add the buttermilk, baking soda, cornmeal, flour and salt while stirring. Stir ingredients but do not overmix as lumps are needed for this recipe! (YAY, I love this because I am not a good mixer guys)
  3. Pour batter into your pan and pop it in the oven to bake for 30 to 40 minutes! Check if complete by testing with a knife or toothpick, and you’re done!


See! It is super-duper quick and easy to make and so many people will be asking how did you make it or where did you buy it! =)  Seeing it is Valentine’s Day I decided I would try doing something a tiny bit different with my cornbread. As I said above, I usually bake it in any dish I have available which is yes! What I did today as well but! I will be allowing it to cool a while and then…use cookie cutters!

What am I talking about you wonder? Cornbread is fairly dense so it holds up the shape pretty well, I thought to make it a bit more festive I would cut my slab of cornbread into mini heart cornbread’s =) Take a look below!


What do you guys think? =)

So that guys, is what I treated my co-workers to today, hopefully they enjoyed it! Before I go I did want to mention something that has crossed my mind while thinking of making this recipe. As you can see, the recipe above calls for buttermilk which yes, I do think it makes a HUGE difference and what truly makes this recipe great but! Buttermilk is something rarely ever used in my household so with that said, I was thinking what I will do here. I usually buy my buttermilk from Walmart which comes in a large carton, I have searched many times for the half size of this but it is nowhere to be found!  Most times when making this recipe I would double it up to come out with 2 servings but still the buttermilk will sit and eventually go bad which is a total waste! Thinking, thinking, thinking, how I can avoid wasting this AGAIN!? *LIGHTBULB* I thought well, I could just make a very large amount of cornbread and perhaps donate the remaining amount that I will not use. Now this idea did not come out of the blue, it has been on my mind for the past few months that I would like to try volunteering in a food bank or soup kitchen or a shelter to help the homeless but! Most places in Toronto require a long application process as well as a minimum 6 month commitment along with extensive training prior to volunteering (at least whatever I have come across locally) I know, I should go through with it but guys, I work full time and I am really trying to put my remaining time towards my boyfriend and family, my blog, and all the daily tasks of life so I would hate to make a promise I cannot uphold! Anyways, as I was having no luck finding somewhere to volunteer so I thought, great! This is another way to give back and show some support as homelessness is something that really pulls at my heart, I wish I could do so much more than what I am discussing above. Again, I have searched through multiple shelters and soup kitchens in the surrounding area but have yet to find somewhere that would accept my baked goods which makes me sad! I really thought this was a great idea but it appears that most places are only accepting canned goods/boxed items which I can see where they are coming from but! I really wish this worked out for me, I have not given up! I do plan on making a couple of phone calls to see if anywhere around here will accept it and hopefully I get through. =) If I do, for sure I will give you guys an update! I just wanted to share my entire thoughts with you guys, I know this is sorta off topic but it did cross my mind as I seen it as better use of something that will most likely expire again in my fridge. If any of you reading this are in Toronto and have done something along the lines of what I have discussed above please reach out to me and give me details! Even if it is for volunteering opportunities, I would be more than happy! Thank you again for reading and I hope you guys get to try out this recipe, also try to remember everyone around you! Valentine’s Day does not only have to be with a significant other, small gestures can really make someone’s day!

Goodnight for now! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post


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  1. Sonia Aicha says:

    it looks so yummy 😋 I will give it a try,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah for sure 😃It is one of my favourite things to make as it’s quick and easy and everyone loves it! Definitely a favourite! Let me know how it goes

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sonia Aicha says:

        Will do, Have a great Day 🤗


  2. chefkreso says:

    Lovely post 😊


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