Operation Repair: Dull to Bright

Hello all! How is everyone doing today? Here in Toronto it is a very snowy Sunday, the weather looks both beautiful but also a bit frightful! Kind of a bittersweet situation as it is nice to look at but! I do plan on venturing out there today so a lot of cleaning of snow must be done before I leave. Any who, it is winter so snow is only expected =) Hopefully wherever you guys are reading from today you have a great day no matter what the weather appears to be out! Go out and make the most of your day =) Thanks for reading and let’s move onto the post!

So, guys! As many of you may know here in Toronto we go through some pretty cold months and with cold comes dry and dull skin unfortunately, at least for me! I have been noticing that my face has been appearing to be a little…washed out? Pale? I have just been missing that glowy look and I strongly believe it has been due to the weather. The cold can be pretty harsh on your skin so it is very important to treat it with hydrating moisturizers and of course the occasional treatment masks. Now, I am guilty of not doing the occasional masks well…occasionally, it is more like a once in the blue moon sort of thing as I am usually scared to put new things on my skin as I fear it may not react well but! There is one mask that I have been using for the past 2 years or so off and on and I must say it really makes a difference with my skins appearance after a few applications and best of all my skin has no bad reactions to it and even bester of all! I make this mask myself so it is very inexpensive. There are two ways of going about making this mask, the original way is making it totally from scratch but! As of recent I have been having a tiny bit of help by purchasing a premade mask from Walmart and combining it with the other ingredients needed. This has been working great for me and is still very inexpensive! So, let’s get into it =)

The mask I have been using is a Turmeric paste, it is very simple to make and works wonders in my eyes! Now, no credit to me here as I did not whip this up on my own. I have seen many Youtubers talk about this mask and go through a step by step process on making and applying this so big thanks to all of them =) I will find a few links of people I have watched and leave it below for reference

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN6Ck5uDgM0Promise Phan Youtube Channel (This is where I first seen this guys!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_Qh8D6VuCMIrene Khan Youtube Channel (She talks about an afternoon routine she has put together which is great! I use other things she mentioned here as well but, the Turmeric mask is mentioned as well)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3ZAxpYp75UMr. Jovitageorge  Youtube Channel (She gives a lot of great information about Turmeric itself)

So, with the examples above you all will have a better understanding of the benefits of this face mask as well as the best way to mix this mask to help benefit your skin! Above are all of the true methods of mixing this mask totally from scratch but like I said, I have been getting some help from a premade mask along with other ingredients needed for this. So, let me show and tell you all how I recently mixed mine up =)

Necessary Items!

–          7th Heaven Creamy Coconut Hydrating Vitality Boost (Premade mask, Purchased from Walmart, retails for about $2.00 Canadian)

–          1 Tsp. Turmeric Powder

–          1 Tsp. Honey

–          Dash of Milk (if you find your skin is very dry you can substitute oil for the milk to increase the moisture)

As you can see, it is super easy to make this mask guys! All we do is mix those ingredients up and ta da, your ready to apply it! So, I have been using the premade mask in replacement of yogurt as usually when I purchase plain Greek yogurt I would only use it for this purpose and like I said before, I do not use masks as much as I should. I continuously ran into the issue that every time I would go back to whip up a new batch my yogurt would be expired with only 2 Tbsps. Used… Such a waste! So, that is how I started using this premade mask =) It is very hydrating and has coconut which we know has been deemed as an overall miracle food! After using this mask, I can say that I do see a difference in my skin, it is like an instant glow and of course by perhaps using it twice a week it can make a huge difference! Now one sorta downfall I will mention is that it is quite messy! Turmeric is something that can stain so please keep this in mind! I try to always use gloves when I wash this mixture off as I always have very long nails and most times they are done in light colours which let’s just say can get ruined very quickly with the help of turmeric but! Just take precautions, make sure not to wear anything you like too much when using it and you should be good to go =) I hope you guys try it out and let me know how it works for you! If you have any questions let me know below!

Talk to you later! Until the next Operation Repair Edition!

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