Everyday a Favorite


Good Afternoon All! Or of course, good morning, good evening, and even goodnight! How’s everyone doing today? I am doing GREAT! Here in Toronto it is currently a Friday that is winding down to soon become the evening. Now, I am doing great because I had a fairly busy day at work which kept me occupied so, time went by pretty well and also Fridays are one of my favorite days because I usually see my boyfriend over the weekends! Pretty rewarding treat after a week of work if you ask me!  If you asked me what are my favorite days of the week it would for sure be Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and hmm Sundays can get a pass and be included too.

Anyone else here have the same favorite days as me?

I would think many others have similar favorite days of the week as come on! Most people LOVE the weekend as it allows us to usually relax, sleep in a bit, catch a break from work, and do some fun activities with loved ones. So with that being said, that is 50% of my favorite day’s right there! Perhaps Thursdays and Fridays may not be favorites but they also may! It is pretty funny to think that a couple years back I never use to like Thursdays, I actually use to despise when Wednesdays were coming to an end and Thursday was about to make its grand appearance. I hated it! (I use to fast on Thursdays = No meat, that’s why I disliked it) Rather than enjoying Thursdays I use to LOVE Mondays…weird huh? Many people do not like Mondays at all as it is the start to a whole new week of either work or school, which I think this trend started catching onto me as you can see Monday has been removed from my favorites.

Last week sometime I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across a photo of a quote which read something along the lines of…”Everyday should be seen as a new opportunity” and I thought to myself hmm…that’s nice, so I added it to my pile of inspirational quotes. Then scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, I came across another which went something like…”365 days, 365 opportunities” which again! I was like huh… this is nice! *Add quickly to pile and re-pin*  There were many other photos that related to this but basically they were trying to say everyday should be viewed as a chance, an opportunity, a day to make something happen.

After viewing these photos it got me thinking…I select what days I favor and the other days I usually want time to pass by as quickly as possible so I can get to one of my favorite days but why? Well, one reason is that these other days that are not my favorites is because I usually do not have much to look forward to on those days and those days are chores and hard work only days…then I thought but why? Why do these days have to be so strongly seen as no fun kinda days…I have the power to do something to change my view on these days by including a task that is more enjoyable or planning something that I can look forward to or! I can simply just take it as this is a new day and a new opportunity rather than gosh its Monday again time for 5 days of straight work! If you have read my other posts, you may have noticed that I am trying to make some changes in my life. Most importantly is that I am trying to live a content, purposeful, and successful life and also just be at peace with my mind! But there are things that I have been doing and still do that do not allow me to successfully live that sort of life.

Examples of things I do to counteract how I want to be living

  • I get frustrated easily, sometimes I can brush it off quickly and other times it consumes my whole day
  • Some days I just focus on all the negatives in my life and act as though there are no positives WHICH IS SO WRONG!!!!!
  • Argue with myself a lot…A LOT
  • Get annoyed at certain days of the week…just because it’s a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

Now my list can probably go on and go as I am not perfect nor will I ever be but I am trying to improve my way of thinking and filter out the amount of negativity that pops up in my head daily. Just reading those few examples I listed above, makes me roll my eyes and think wow…really…like REALLY? You’re going to be in a bad mood because it’s a Monday!? And guys when I say annoyed or in a bad mood because of a certain day I do not mean that I sulk around all day long, No way! But I guess I just look forward to something else when one thing hasn’t even gotten the chance to be done which I think is bad.

So how can I stop this and make every day of the week a favorite? Think differently!

Monday – These should be good days because it is a start to a new week, a fresh start! Say something went wrong over the weekend or even the week prior to, just forget it! A new week is here, so much can happen and become from this.

Tuesday – Now, I find Tuesdays to be tricky as it is kind of an odd day, I also use to feel this way about Thursdays. Like what do the two T’s of the week really have to offer? I feel like lots of people may think like this so here in Toronto Tuesday is kinda known to be the bargain day of the week, half price movies, tons of fast food joints do Tuesday specials, etc. SO! There are those things to look forward to, maybe try involving that stuff in your day and catch a movie after work gives you something to look forward to!

Wednesday – Wednesdays are good days, mid-week guys! Maybe we can say that Wednesdays can kinda be a goal setting day. Try working towards something you have been meaning to do on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Wednesdays see how well you have done! It can be something simple, I try to make it to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings then I give myself a break. So small things like that, tracking that you are actually committing to what you want!

Thursday – So guys! This is already one of my favorites as I see my love =) But other than that! We can use Thursdays to reflect on how we did in reaching our goals set for Wednesday. We can make this day productive and enjoyable by looking for smarter ways to reach our goals but also to appreciate what you have accomplished as well! So referring back to my earlier example of the gym, sometimes I am just too tired to hit the gym three mornings in a row. When Thursdays come I can think well! I went twice but did not complete my three days but that is ok because I still made the effort and perhaps I need to sleep earlier so I can make it to the gym each morning =)

Friday – Friday! The day that we say “Thank god it’s Friday” or “TGIF”. Let’s face it! Fridays are good, we have successfully made it to the end of the week and time to get some you time over the weekend =) sounds good to me.

Saturday & Sunday – Now, I have combined these days as they are what make up the weekend! I think most people enjoy weekends as I said before, this gives us time to catch up with family and friends and also to run errands, party, relax, pretty much do as we please.

I know! Some of these things to look forward to or reasons we should appreciate every day that I have listed above may be iffy. Not everyone works the Monday-Friday shift with weekends off so for all I know your break days just might be Monday and Tuesday but! I am just basing this off of how I go about my day to day life. The whole idea is that each day is a NEW day (any WWE fans, New Day rocks?) which brings new opportunities and new experiences! Make each day count, you are in charge and if you start off a day by thinking negatively that will continuously be lurking in the background throughout your day. I am going to try having a positive outlook on every day, even Mondays! Which usually my first thought on Mondays is…Ugh Monday again! It will take some time to change around my thoughts and apply more positivity but I will try my best as I may have already missed out on many opportunities because I was too busy being grumpy! Of course we may still favor some days more so than the others but let’s try to remove the “I hate ________, _________, and _________ day”

Hope you enjoyed reading! What do you guys do to ensure you are appreciating and making the most of every day? Share with me in the comments!

Goodbye guys! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post

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