Small Acts display Big Hearts


Hello everyone =) what’s going on? Hope everyone is having a great day so far as always! Also I would like to say thank you if you are reading this post or have read any of my other posts, it really means a whole lot to me, so thank you thank you thank you! I have a question for you guys…

Have you ever had a stranger/acquaintance do something very simple for you yet it seemed to really put a smile on your face?

I must say I have, and I would hope that everyone experiences this once in a while as I know it is not something that happens on a daily basis which is unfortunate. Today I got into work and went down to the lobby to grab a cup of coffee. First off, the gentleman in front of me was kind enough to hold the door open for me which I thanked him and on we went in line. After picking up my order and waiting in line to cash out a familiar face was ahead of me in line, a lady that I see here and there on the same floor I work on. We acknowledged each other with a smile as she was on the phone while cashing out. I did see here give me a slight nod which I thought she was expressing that I should cash out before her however, I seen she was preparing to pay. I minded my business until I was up to pay and as I approached the register the cashier told me that the lady had already paid for my coffee. I was a bit confused but I hurried off after her to ask why did she pay for me? And of course guys =) I thanked her very much for the kind gesture. She explained to me that she was doing exactly just that, a kind gesture and started telling me about a time she was waiting and a total stranger paid for her order. She said it was so nice of him and from then on she decided she would return that favor as well to others. We chatted a bit and again I thanked her for her kindness, then we parted ways.

I thought about what she did for quite a while and then I started thinking about all the little things that others do for me that may at first not seem to be a huge deal but those small gestures do indeed put a smile on my face. It reminds me that although these acts may be small it truly displays that the person has a big heart as they could do the complete opposite. Most times we take these gestures for granted as we may think to ourselves “of course they will do this, it is the right thing to do” or we simply do not give much thought to it but truthfully no one really has to open doors, say hello, send a smile over your way, etc. These are all acts of kind-heartedness that we should try to acknowledge a bit more and also encourage by returning the act to others to brighten up the individuals surrounding us.  I myself am guilty of at times overlooking these gestures and usually it is due to my morning starting off on the “left foot” (Haha get it? Usually it is start the day off on the “right” foot…left being the wrong foot…ah maybe not too funny, I try!) And usually when my day doesn’t start off well I can be quite moody and let’s just say I really am not up for being happy go lucky which kills my distribution of kind acts =( I know, that is not good, I should not let a small portion of my day ruin my entire mood/day which is something I have to work on very much! It is a work in progress let’s say! But with that being said, I feel that if I try to keep in mind how good it feels when someone treats me with a kind gesture that memory will push me to return the favor to someone else and hopefully kick off an ongoing cycle of kind gesture giving =) Here are some gestures that really make me smile and think…”Wow that was so sweet or so kind” that I would love to allow someone else to experience and hopefully appreciate it the same way!

Acts of Kindness that are Simple as can be but mean a great deal!

  1. Opening Doors – This has always been a HUGE thing for me, I honestly do not like to see doors close in peoples face as I feel that is very rude (I know, no one is obligated to holding doors) Such a simple act could go so far, I am sure many of us go and come through doors on a daily basis!
  2. SMILE – Guys! Just smile, I know we can’t be smiling all day everyday but try your hardest when you make eye contact with someone to just smile =)
  3. Hold the elevator – Now, if you work in an office building like I do I am sure you have seen an elevator door open and you quickly walk to catch it before it goes up/down and it shuts right in your face. I have witnessed some folks select the close button although they hear or see someone is coming and it stuns me! It is honestly a few more seconds then you’re on your jolly way, your happy and the person trying to catch the elevator will be super happy you waited. Also I mean any elevator, not only in office buildings guys, that is just where I encounter elevators =)
  4. Buy someone a hot beverage – Referring back to my story above that triggered all of this! Buy someone a hot drink or a cold one, whatever floats their boat.
  5. SPEAK – Make small talk! If you find yourself in an area with a person alone and you as well are alone, make simple conversation. Don’t wait for them to say something, good morning/afternoon/evening are always nice words to hear. Also just using small words/phrases like thank you or please throughout your day can make a big difference. So speak nicely, use your discretion on what to say but just say something!

These are a few simple acts that I feel could make a world of a difference in anyone’s day; I know when these things happen to me I usually do smile and think about it for a little while! I know we are all not perfect and I do not think any expects perfection but an attempt is usually appreciated! I hope to definitely include the above gestures in my day to day life more so than less and I say let’s try together! Let’s show that we have big hearts and we just may notice there are many around us as well, just needed a little push =)

Thanks for reading, please share any gestures that you adore with me below or message me directly!

Talk to you soon! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post =)

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  1. dreamchasers says:

    Lovely post. Everyone does experience this in their everyday walks of life. I remember once i had to travel to a new town , I didn’t know exactly how to proceed from the bus stop and someone who sat next to me in bus , he asked me everything and gave me a simple yet a cheap route to reach the place from bus stop. Really , sometimes I feel strangers are more comforting than our very known faces. Because most of the time when a stranger helps us , that automatically pulls a smile in our faces. Thanks that you were able to bring down this small and beautiful gestures of life to our vision.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad that you enjoyed reading this and found relation with this. Also big thanks for sharing an experience of yours with me =) that truly is great and so sweet! I definitely see where you are coming from with finding comfort with strangers sometimes more so than with the people surrounding us on a daily basis. I feel that compassion and kindness from a stranger is great as you truly know they are doing this out of the good of their heart not because they are your friend or family that would usually feel some sort of obligation to do kind things.

      Thanks for reading! Take Care =) sending a virtual smile your way!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dreamchasers says:

        Yes , exactly. Strangers warm us with a smile and It’s kind of different than known usual faces. It’s my pleasure to read such a post. Here is my virtual smile.☺

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and reading =)

      Liked by 1 person

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