All-Star Valentines

Hello Everyone! How have you all been these past few days? I hope great! I am doing well, got home from work early today (horrible ice rain storm in Toronto) and plan to dedicate these next few hours to my blog! I know I have not posted over the past few days so I am ready to jump into it head first =)

So, with Valentines day right around the corner I have been coming across many posts referring to Valentines day ideas, dinners, DIY crafties, etc. Not only have I seen many posts referring to this day of love but it is the hot topic on the radio stations as well as many Youtubers are dishing out some cute tips for this day. So, in the spirit of things I thought it would be cool to share with you all my Valentines day experience last year which I must say was a pretty All-star one!

Before we jump into this any further, I would love to hear your thoughts on Valentines day. Is it a yay or a nay for you guys? Do you guys usually surprise the person/people you celebrate with or do you come together and plan on doing something specific? I wish you all a wonderful Valentines day, have fun with any preparation you have in mind!

Lets rewind, shall we? Back to February of 2016! It was almost that time of the year again, for cards and presents and hugs and kisses (I feel like we have so many of these times to be honest) Almost Valentines day, the day to shower and share love, give out cute cards, enjoy a nice dinner and of course munch on some sweets!

*My favorite sweets for V-day must be those assorted colourful hearts with the cheesy messages on it =) they are yummy especially the yellow! What are your favorite candies =)?*

My boyfriend and I usually keep our Valentines day celebration pretty simple which I would say is how we like it. We usually go for a dinner at our favorite restaurant (Moxies!) and I would buy some small cute gifts so he can get a laugh and I can see that smile (heart melt) but other than that we keep it quiet! Last year though, was an All-star Valentines day, definitely not the norm for us and I would say it was a once in a lifetime experience which we both enjoyed very much! Now, leading up to February 14th, 2016 neither of us really knew we were going to be doing what we ended up doing until 1 day before so! Let me tell you the story leading up to this.

Last year Valentines day fell on a Sunday so my boyfriend and I had seen each other on the Saturday and hung out, all the good stuff.  Before I go further referring to what I said earlier…we really never made Valentines Day a big deal so with that being said! The Saturday night I got home I was chatting on the phone with him and told him that I was planning on staying home on Sunday that some family was going to come over. Now he is usually very cool with these things and I honestly didn’t see the big deal as I know he is not much of a fan of V-day but something seemed off when I told him. He became super quiet and was barely talking…actually come to think of it now I believe I told him this during the day on Saturday and he was acting a bit off from then until Saturday night but! I just was not sure why as he was not saying much other than “are you sure you have to stay home tomorrow?” Eventually after a lot of back and forth between us he decided to break the news which was…HE WAS GETTING TICKETS TO THE ALLSTAR BASKETBALL GAME FOR US!!!!!!! For those of you that are not to familiar with it, it is a special tournament that is done yearly and includes the best of the best from all teams which make up an East division team and a West division team who then play against each other to see who comes out on top. Last year for the first time ever!


The All-star games were hosted in Toronto, prior to it has always been hosted within the U.S so this was a big thing for Toronto! I knew this was happening that weekend and my boyfriend and I talked about it but each night that had an event was completely sold out on Ticketmaster and resellers were asking for more than just a pretty penny so I was under the impression we were going to watch it from home until…He found some tickets! My boyfriend is pretty into basketball and really wanted to go so I was totally excited to hear that he had come across 2 tickets for us to attend the game =) So after all of that I told him he could have just told me then we could have completely avoided the whole “I am going to stay home tomorrow” =) live and learn right! He was trying to be sweet and surprise me hehe anyways guys that is just my little lead up to the climax of why this Valentines day was an All-star one =)


February 14th, 2016 has now arrived and we are excited for this game! My boyfriend had picked up the tickets from a local seller in the Toronto are and guys! The tickets were amazing, it truly is a collectible item. So just from seeing that alone, we were even more so excited to see what was in store for us later in the day. So fast forward a bit to Valentines day evening, =) we were off on our way to the big event! When we arrived to the ACC (Air Canada Centre) there was tons of people everywhere! Super busy in there and the security was pretty tight. Once we got past the entrance we were free to roam around, get some snacks and do as we please until show time began but! We wanted to see our seats and the set up before roaming of course! We were seated in the 300 section and I must say it was a pretty good view of everything going on, no one in the way =) After checking that out, we headed to get some snacks and we even got lucky enough to see two of the players a bit up close as they were using the elevators! We seen Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins who were both playing for the West team and before we knew it the games were about to start!

Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins

The set up was amazing! They had fireworks, a very nice entrance set up for the players, great music, ongoing and engaging entertainment, and many big names asides from the contributing players. My boyfriend is a big fan of Kobe Bryant who we were lucky enough to see which I would say made him pretty happy =) The halftime show had special guest Sting performing who did an amazing job by performing some of his well-known songs. One of my favorite parts of the games were the various mascots from the different teams including Raptor but! There was one mascot that kept us very entertained with his antics which was Burnie from Miami Heats. He was hilarious! I had some cool videos but! Thanks to technology my phone that I used at that time died on me in September of 2016 =(so unfortunately I lost that footage but it truly was a great time and we enjoyed every bit. I don’t know when we would have gotten another chance to go to the All-star games and celebrate Valentines day in one so it will always be a memorable experience! Not sure if we can top it this year but I think we have simpler plans set out for this year which is just perfect as the most special part is spending time with the one you love, not only on Valentines day but as many days as possible! I may have a little something up my sleeve for him or I may not =) keep you guys posted!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post, if any questions let me know below =)

Bye! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes Post!

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  1. I believe if we’re connected to our heart center – the source of unconditional love, everyday is a Valentines day.

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    1. I agree! The day is fun in the spirit of enjoying the fun things that come along with it but you should always appreciate and show your love everyday 😃


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