Unsticking your stuck

stuck3HEY GUYS! What is up? Is everyone having a great day?  So far so good on my end, no major complaints to report here =) Just finished up a day at work and getting set to have dinner and relax which I hope most of you are planning to do as well.

Today the topic of discussion is “Unsticking your stuck”, are you wondering what is that even supposed to mean? Well, what comes to mind when you read this title? When I first thought about writing this post I knew what I wanted to talk about but! I wanted to try and figure out a clever (I thought it was clever hehe) title and I must say I usually do try to label my posts with intriguing titles so hopefully you guys enjoy and it makes you wonder a little =)…On to why we are here!

For quite some time now I have had the feeling of being stuck and I believe many people go through periods in their life where they feel this way. I do not want to say I am completely going through a phase of feeling stuck at this very moment but there are aspects in my life where I feel it is constantly on play, rewind and replay, and yep those seem to be my only options at times. When I look back on let’s say the past two years I feel as though certain parts of my life has just remained the same and to me that makes me feel stuck as two years is a fairly long period of time to be doing the same thing (over 700 days!) Before I continue any further, I would like to point out that this feeling of “stuck” is strongly in reference to my career, and finances. I think many people around my age may run into this feeling in specifically these two categories as you are no longer a teenager and as every day goes by you are trying to become what you had hoped to be at the age you currently are and if you aren’t where you had imagined it feels overwhelming and as if you are stuck!

With that being said, it truly depends on how you look at life and the way you choose to get through it. For me, I am and I would like to say have always been a person that liked to plan ahead and set expectations for myself to a certain degree. I think maybe if I just share how I have been thinking you guys will get the picture crystal clear!

So, I have always felt deep down that I will become someone that is very successful and would be able to be very independent no matter what certain people assumed or said about me. I guess the lower expectations people had of me and expressed, the more fire it fueled within me to want so bad to prove them wrong as my career progressed and even up to now I always say…In a few years I will be able to do ________, ________, and ________.  So while I was younger working my odd jobs, I would have this mentality that something better is to come and as I continued receiving different job opportunities it would excite me! Now I am not saying the opportunities received were any once in a life time chance and many people that know further details of where I have worked may not have seen these jobs as exciting or moving forward but I did! To me once you are moving somewhere you are opening doors for chance to do more and learn more which is never a bad thing. So, I would think to myself, I am on track, I am getting chances and continuously moving forward never backwards which was a big plus! At each job I did, I gave it my all and always tried to do my best to “stand out” and show my potential for further opportunities but sometimes those openings did not appear as I had hoped and it was time to try again but elsewhere. Fast forward a bit! (not trying to “stick” you all here hehe) To where I currently work, I have been employed here for the past 4 years, one year as a contractor and the other 3 as a full-time employee. I love this company, and I feel so blessed for being able to land a position here so for that I am thankful! But, when I was first hired, I do remember a question they had asked me during my interview process which was “Name 3 reasons you would like to work for this organization”. One of my answers was that I see so much potential and opportunity within this company that I feel it is a great place that allows their employees to gain experience and continuously grow while working here. SO! That my friends was a big thing I had on my mind since I started working here, I always wanted to work somewhere that I could move up not stay stuck which is why I left my previous places of employment.

Now you have a bit more information so hopefully the story is a bit more clear now but! Here we are in current day and ever since I have been hired here guys I remain in the same position as 3 years ago (won’t say 4 as I did get a bit more to do working as a full time employee than a contractor) I have learned so much over these 3 years and again I am not trying to sound ungrateful by any means! But I guess the 21-year-old me at that time looked to the future and seen 24-year-old me going places, moving on to big things within this company…yet here I am at 24 and I really have no clue where to turn! So just relating back to what I said earlier about me liking to plan, I have always planned that at such and such age I will be here in life and at such and such age I will have accomplished _______ (whatever it maybe) In a sense, I guess it is my fault for planning so far ahead and setting these expectations without really knowing what would be to come yet, I continue to plan because that is who I am! Perhaps I am overly ambitious and hopeful?

Another aspect of my life that seems to be stuck in a never-ending circle would be my finances. This does relate back to my career in a sense as I did feel that I would be making a bit more by now but that did not go as hoped but! I feel like every year it is the same situation, I plan to save a certain amount so I could hopefully move out and get my life going a bit but! At the end of each year I am where I started. Where does the money go? I guess this is just my fault as I do spend quite senselessly at times and a quick fix would be to wake up and just stop! But it does not happen, easier said than done I guess.

Now, where does that leave me? I think to myself, “am I going to be stuck in this cycle of being stuck…forever?” I was watching a video online a few days back (worldstar app!) and came across a video of a man. The title displayed, “103 year old man gives his last piece of advice”. Has anyone seen this? I will try to retrieve the link and leave it below for those interested, it is a short clip and inspiring =) In this clip we basically see him get ready for his day and while doing so he talks a bit about his past and decides to share some knowledge with us.

His advice shared was simple, to stop looking for advice and not fear taking risks. He also shared a very inspiring quote which was, “Limiting risk was his living. Embracing risk was his life”. After hearing this, I had to think about it a bit but in the end, it all made sense to me. Now, to me this tied in perfectly with this topic as I noticed that my feeling stuck was due to the fact that I was enabling it. I am not venturing outside of my comfort zone as I use to since I have found myself getting extra comfortable where I currently am and thinking of it from this point of view is scary! I always think to myself that I should be happy for where I am but deep down I know that is just my way of snapping out of my mental tug of war, the should I make change or should I just be content with what is in front of me?

I know I want more and all this time I have been yes, working hard to see changes but I have basically put the opportunity of change in someone else’s hands hoping they would acknowledge my effort and bring change for the better for me…Why would I give someone this power? Yes, this does relate more so to the career aspect of my life as my finances is something I just need to get a handle over (guilty) but, I am also guilty of not setting out change for myself. I think about it all the time, why am I not where I hoped to be by now and it is due to myself not taking risks and making change for myself. I am now slowly but surely noticing that putting anything you want in someone else’s hands is INSANE. You have to be the one to implement adjustments when you feel the need to do so and take action. It may of course be scary as leaving what we know leads to uncertainty but a world of opportunity awaits to be uncovered! I have made this mistake time and time again, waiting it out, seeing where things go, giving it my all, taking on extra work but in the end when I find myself waiting months and years to see a difference, I then feel stuck…I have been repeating the same routine day in and out and I expect change? How can there be change when I am always doing everything the same exact way. It is time to open my eyes and notice no one will do it for you and you must unstick your own stuck.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some relatable points. I am working on getting out of my “stuck” situation and noticing a lot as days go by! I hope I am able to find the best solution but I can say I am proud of myself for actually being able to say and write about this. I have known for a while how it goes when someone is continuously “dragging” you on for the benefit of themselves and telling you everything you would love to hear! But I always tried to avoid these thoughts and kept saying “just keep it up, hold out a bit more, prove yourself” I know I have proved myself and it is time for me to take risks.

Thank you so much for reading! Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post!

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  1. Coleman says:

    Very upbeat and philosophical post. I think all people sometimes ask myself the same question. We all create our own lives, but sometimes are independent conditions from us changing our life. At this point it seems that you stuck and can not be changed nothing. I think the main thing is not to lose confidence in the fact that everything can change.

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    1. Thank you for reading! And also thank you for reminding me that change is possible at any time, many times I get the feeling that this is it, this is what life is destined to be but! It is true, all can change we just have to figure how to adjust what we do and how we think so change can appear in our lives.


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