Overly Accepting Chaos

Good evening guys, again I hope you all are great! So, I won’t make my intro too long this time around as I have recently posted my “get to know me tag number 2!” So hopefully you guys had a chance to check that out and there is where my long intro will be

On to the post!

This topic came to me by just continuously witnessing all sorts of tragedies and chaos that is occurring in the world today. As we all know, this year I would say has been off to a bit of an unsettling start with the newfound President, Donald Trump. But, stepping away from primarily him, this world has been going through some very difficult times over the past few years. Now, I know there will always be love and there will always be hate, where there is kindness there is anger and where there is crime there will be security, I know there really is no getting away from one as that is strictly out of our hands. What bothers me is the amount of crimes that go on these days and just come up and we see it on the news or hear about it on the radio and sadly it has come to a stage that I feel as though we have in a way accepted these crimes. I do not want to speak on everyone’s behalf, perhaps this is only myself that has been viewing these things in this manner so, I will speak only for how I personally feel.

There has not been a day for a VERY long time that I did not wake up, have breakfast, watch the local news channel in Toronto and hear the reporters reporting at least a minimum of 3 fatalities/violent crimes whether that be worldwide or right in Toronto. Now, I have noticed myself becoming a bit numb to these reports and kind of thinking in my head “again?” or “what is next now?”. I do not want to come off harsh but the point I am trying to prove here is that, that is totally wrong! Why am I thinking like this? Of course, these crimes are horrible and disgusting but I feel like it takes no longer than about 5 minutes to process it and get ready to hear the next incident and the pattern continues. I guess what I am really trying to say,

Is this type of violence something that is becoming a norm in our society and way of living?

While I was younger, I do not recall seeing or hearing about so many crimes, maybe that was simply because I was a child and I had little to no concern about these things or I was refrained from listening to these sorts of things but I do believe even so, that crime has rapidly increased. Kids growing up in todays society will probably see these things just as constant as us adults do and they may get so accustom to hearing it that it might just be a way of life and something that is bound to happen…isn’t that scary? I truly cannot see how individuals can bring themselves to harming random innocent people and to make matters worse, it is harming multiple innocent people at a time in recent cases.

Recently, there has been a tragedy that occurred in Quebec, Canada which is a very despicable crime that has been committed but even prior to this there had been the disgraceful crime carried out in the Charleston Church. WHY ARE PEOPLE COMMITTING THESE ACTS AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE? It is crazy when you take a step away from your oh so occupied and busy day and think about these crimes going on. These people simply went to their place of worship and such horrible things happened…Why? Because of hateful individuals that cannot accept the faith of others, which to me is extremely ridiculous. And, the worst part to this is the timeframe between these crimes, they are so close to one another and of course we cannot forget about all the other violent instances that happened in between.

I feel that these days we are so busy with just doing life and always being on the go that we really do not have the time or take the time to process these sorts of things which then our mind starts to treat news like everything else in life.

Sort of like…

Look at this small paragraph below quickly, does anything stand out? Now read through it

Mind – Wake up, prep lunch, have breakfast, hear of reported crimes, get dressed, go to work, complete emails, return calls, complete work related tasks, have lunch, hear of crime, get back to work, think of what to pick up for groceries, take break, hear of crime, get ready to finish work, pick up groceries, make dinner, hear of crimes, shower, prepare for bed and REPEAT

Now, when I quickly look at this, I do not really notice anything much asides from a bunch of things to do, get done and my mind wants to start thinking of how to get these things in, out and done quickly. I think this simply is where majority of this issue lies. I see these things all the time but just as much as I am seeing these things, everything else in our life continues as well so I never set aside a lot of time to think and reflect about horrible issues that happen in our world. They some how sit with us for a short period and our mind moves onto the next thing at hand and these actions are to me accepting that these crimes are happening and when I look at it like this, I feel so bad because I feel as though I am saying “this is ok” when truly it is not ok. Another thing I have noticed increase and I personally find to be very disturbing is when crimes are taking place right in front of people and bystanders would quickly pull out their phones to record what is going on. I find this SO disgusting, and it is mind blowing how many videos are posted online from bystanders posting their videos on social media rather than stepping in to help or call for assistance. To me seeing these acts prove even more that we as a society have become so insensitive to things going on and although we know morally these crimes are wrong…we are still showing some sort of acceptance by thinking certain thoughts to ourselves, quickly moving on with our day, or just out standing by while someone gets hurt.

I think more time needs to be focused on things like this and we need to somehow reverse the numbness that has been built up due to our busy and technology relied lives.

What are your thoughts, do you agree?


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