Get to Know Me Tag: Part Two!


Nails Done! Silver Chrome – Thanks to Pink Nails in Scarborough!


Hey Guys! How are you! Feels like a little while since I have posted and my apologies, I am here to make it all up and get back on track! I hope you are all enjoying your day, here in Toronto this Tuesday is slowly ending and I can say that I had a productive day at work, a good work out today, and got my nails (Guys, if you are in Toronto a MUST spot for nails is Pink Nails in Scarborough! They are my go to, check them out!) all fixed up! What did your day consist of? =)

You guys now have a bit of insight to my day and I feel that I want to share a bit more about myself with you all so…I am back with another “Get to know me tag” =) Hopefully you guys can learn a bit more about me here and truly enjoy getting to know me! If you have any questions that are not included below please feel free to ask below!

Let’s get to know me a bit more shall we!? And while you are getting to know me! Please leave me some comments to questions you seen here that caught your attention, I would love to learn more about each of you =)


  • What is your favorite color?

Can you guys guess what maybe my favorite colour!? Most people cannot as I guess I do not really show it too much as I do not have much clothing or accessories in this colour but! My Favorite colour is…GREEN =) yep green, green, green, I feel that it is such a relaxing colour. Anyone else a Green fan?

  • Who was your first best friend?

Hmm…This is a tough question! Let’s see my first best friend that I can remember was when I was in Kindergarten and her name was Francesca =) She was so nice, I wonder where she is now!

  • How tall are you?

I am 5’1 exactly =) when I was younger I use to be pretty tall compared to my classmates but the roles have changed drastically

  • Cats or Dogs?

I have never had either as a pet but! If I had to pick I would say Dogs

  • How many countries have you visited?

Hmm I believe 5! I have travelled to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, lived in the States and Currently reside in Canada =)

  • Are you in/gone to college?

I am currently not in College but I do want to start back. Last year I was enrolled in an online program for HR Management which I was working on completing one course at a time. I must enroll for my next course however, I am thinking if this is really the direction I want to pursue and what is the best time to start back. I have also attended college previously for cosmetology but only attended for a portion of a semester…That did not go well although I do love makeup! I am sure by now you guys gather school is not my go to from my previous posts! When it comes to school I am all over the place =/

  • What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?

Hmm Favorite, I would have to say Business Marketing and I believe that was due to my teacher who was great! As for the worst, it would be MATH! I wish I was good at math!!

  • What is your Favorite drink?

I LOVE COKE! That is my go to drink I don’t think I can ever let that go guys, I have tried but keep going back to it =)

  • What is your favorite animal?

I really like zebras; I think their pattern is so unique and pretty! I adore a lot of animals though

  • What is your favorite perfume?

Hmm, this is tough I have a few (see my previous post of Sweet Scents!) I would have to say currently; my favorite is the Hot Couture by Givenchy =) smells soooooo good!

  • Tea or Coffee?

Well, I love coffee. The taste and smell of coffee I love! I am trying to replace drinking coffee with Green tea as it is the better option I have read (also I have a HUGE fear of my teeth yellowing) Plus, I love having my coffee extra sweet and creamy so, that does not help the case either. Long story short, I prefer coffee over tea

  • What would you (or have you) name your children?

Hmm this is a tough one as I have not thought about this too long but! Girl names – I like Crystal and Celeste (one of my old co-worker’s name, I loved that name since then) Boy names – I like Emil and …hmm not sure of a second name!

  • What Sports do you play/Have you played?

Guys, I am not good at sports. I do not believe I ever have really been but I think out of all I enjoyed badminton in school the most. I did run in track for a bit but that is as sporty as I get, I have not kept up with any sports!

  • What is your favorite book?

Hmm…I remember reading a book in high school called “Crank” which I recall enjoying very much. Right now, I have been into reading self-help & self-awareness books along with astrology reads! I have been recommended a few options by a fellow blogger that I will be sure to check out relating to culture =)

  • What is your favorite movie?

I LOVE FINDING NEMO AND MEAN GIRLS! I know, lol how do those two movies get placed together

  • Are you single or Taken?

I think you all know the answer to this which is, I am TAKEN! =)

  • What’s your idea of an ideal first date?

Simple and sweet! Nothing extravagant, I honestly do not like dinners for first dates! I prefer something more relaxed and casual, sometimes I feel that dinners can be a bit intimidating and a lot of pressure for each person. I feel maybe after meeting with that person 2-3 times prior to then having dinner or lunch is more comforting in my eyes!

  • Favorite memory from childhood?

Hmm I would say my favorite memory would be hard to narrow down. When I think of my childhood I think of a lot of playing outside and at parks with friends, riding my bike or rollerblading etc. I would say just the actual memories of how playful my childhood was is a great amount of memories right there! I feel like the meaning of childhood fun has changed so drastically from then to now and I am so happy I grew up during that time and was not completely surrounded by technology!

  • Do you speak any different languages and how well?

Fluently I do not, only English. I can say a couple of words/sentences in French thanks to taking a few French classes during my school years but I cannot hold up a steady conversation. I want to learn a secondary language so bad!

  • How would you describe your fashion sense?

Well! This is wide and far which I feel like that phrase “wide and far” describes me just perfectly hehe. I LOVE being comfortable so most days, I do opt for comfort rather than fashion as where I wear we have casual dress code in full effect which is great but! When I do go out or I hang out with my boyfriend/friends I would say I dress up quite a bit! As for a specific style that I stick to, I cannot say there is one style I stick to but I try to stay on top of all trends that catch my eye! So, I guess my fashion sense is good depending on the day you catch me =)

  • What is your favorite restaurant?

OH MY GOSH! My favorite, favorite, favorite restaurant EVER has to be Moxies =) I LOVE THAT PLACE! There are quite a few here in Toronto, I am not sure if there are any in the States or elsewhere but! If not and you are in Toronto, please check it out it is wonderful

  • What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Currently, I love watching How to get away with Murder, Looking forward to watching Bates Motel (last season =( no!), and I really enjoyed watching Breaking Bad when that was a big thing! Some of my other favorites would be Fresh Prince, Catfish, Power, Teen Mom (yes I love this show, but only the first 2 seasons. I have watched their stories from the start!) Maury, Judge Judy, and Chopped…What a mix right lol =)

  • PC or mac?

I am a PC person for sure, no doubt about it. I cannot stand MAC because of the lack of Microsoft applications. I rely heavily on those, I am sure there is a way to get Microsoft on MACs but I believe it is a lengthy process so I stick to PC

  • What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)

Ok…I know this is going to be weird since I just said I cannot stand MAC lol but I have an IPhone guys which! In my defense I recently got it. For so long I was trying to avoid getting an IPhone just for the fact that everyone around me had one! My previous phone to this was the LG G5 I believe and it was good until it just stopped turning on! Before that I had a few of the Sony phones which I really loved but they seemed to also just die on my after a year? So after a few bad experiences I said I will give in and get an IPhone, so far so good…It is a bit slower now but guys honestly I think it is me I am just bad with phones I never!!!!!! Update the software so…I am guilty

  • Tell us one of your bad habits!

Oh my gosh, just one!? No I am going to tell you guys a few because I have so many

– If I buy a pack of gum in the morning, I will finish it by early afternoon. I chew too much gum!

– Playing with my hair constantly

– Over using “!” I think some people may see that as me yelling but I promise it is not =) Just a way I like to show my enthusiasm

– Watching good old YouTube late at night then wondering…Why I am tired!

– Overindulging in popcorn – Like too much! I LOVE POPCORN

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Azra says:

    Love these kind of more personal posts. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊glad you enjoyed thanks so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lindsayrose says:

    Oh my God bates motel! Not long till the next season now!!!! It’s one of my faves! That and the leftovers! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me about it!! The final season premieres tonight in Canada, super excited to check it out but sad to know it will be coming to an end! I haven’t heard of the show leftovers I will have to check it out 😃 Thanks for reading!


      1. Lindsayrose says:

        We have to wait till March!!!!! X

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