Don’t Judge a Person by their Paper

Friday, Friday, Friday Guys! We are back to the weekend here in Toronto, which day are you faced with today? I’d really love to know! If you guys would be oh so kind to tell me what day of the week it is I would love it!

Strange or why you are wondering?

Well I find it SO cool that we are all within the same planet, Earth however! We are all facing different days, times, weather, experiences, etc. yet! We can all interact with each other on this platform which is so awesome to me! I have honestly been so stunned with having access to which part of the world individuals are viewing my page from, it makes me burst into confetti inside, hehe =) So Thank you guys and whichever day of the week it is where you are, I am wishing you all the best and nothing but utter success

Today I wanted to…did you guess talk? If you did you are totally right! Yes, guys I just want to talk about something that I can never seem to get past and something that really bothers me quite a bit! Now I know yesterdays post was all about me chit chatting but, I promise over the weekend I will have something other than me just chatting and ranting on =) so please just bear with me! With that, lets get into the topic for todays post!

Many people would say judging individuals without knowing anything much about them is wrong, it is not morally correct. Now although we all know in our mind that quick judgement is never right, we see it happen ALL the time! What’s even worse is knowing that this has become accepted and I would say mandatory. I would believe that from a very young age we were all taught the phrase “do not judge a book by it’s cover” or at least it is a phrase we have heard a couple of times throughout life. Although this is such a profound and well known saying, we turn a blind eye and do this exact thing all the time.

My Question today is…Why do we judge people by a piece of paper?

This has become standard routine and I have been in circumstances where I feel rather than this routine simplifying processes it makes it ten times harder! Now I am not too sure if I have been directing this post in the way my mind sees it going but just to totally clarify what I am trying to get at is judging people based solely on their resumes. I understand that in todays society the world of careers is a very competitive place and of course all companies are out searching for the top of the top in the talent department however, I feel that more often resumes lead to failed applications even before a person has a chance to display who they truly are in person, any agree or disagree? =) Be honest, I am not judging here! I do understand the importance of resumes and why they have become so valued in life as certain jobs do require specific skills, qualifications etc. But there are some jobs that in my opinion totally push it over board and make it near impossible for people to qualify when being judged only by a piece of paper. Hear what, I have a…STORY for you guys.

A bit more background about myself before we get into this story. While I was growing up (teenage years, yes, I was living the life I wanted, school for who?) I did not take my studies as seriously as I guess I should have and honestly speaking school is still not something I would say I am good at. I can do the work when I put my mind to it but for some reason when it came to tests and exams, it just wasn’t for me and I never seemed to score very well. Thankfully, I did get my act together a bit more during my last two years of high school which doing so allowed me to graduate on time, yay! When it came time to select what my next step were, I personally did not want to go to college and university was just not even an option for me at that point but! My parents insisted!! That I go to school and do something with my life (side note, in high school I was working as a cashier and I kept that job while attending college. My parents I would say at that time were sure that I would remain a cashier forever and beyond -_-) So what did I do? I always enjoyed makeup and dressing up so I automatically thought, I will study cosmetology and it will be fun and a breeze! I will be happy and they will be…sorta happy, at least I would be in school. So, fast forward a bit, I went to school for a while studying makeup however, I honestly did not enjoy it and I would say I maybe attended school for only…1 month consecutively (so yes, not even an entire semester) I do not know why, I want to say it is truly because I just really did not want school at that time but I had to go…So I ended up wasting around $8000.00…now I was working my cashier job, paying osap, had unhappy parents and worst of all! Nothing to show for this $8000.00. Okie fast forward more, I am getting a bit too detailed here this is turning into its own story! From then on I worked, I changed jobs a few times and majority of my jobs were mall jobs which! There is nothing wrong with retail jobs at all guys! I truly enjoyed working retail asides from the super late shifts, but it was so fun! Eventually, I wanted to make more as I was getting older and got the courage to apply for office positions and look outside of my comfort zone. Now! I applied like crazy guys! I am sure some of you can relate, it is not easy! Most times I did not hear anything back and of course I was sending my resume out via email or attaching it to the companies’ online application. I always felt so discouraged while applying for these positions even if they were simple admin jobs, the requirements were out of whack! I would always think I can so do this job, I can file papers, I know how to use a computer, I am a quick learner, I can answer a phone nicely… But my resume was simply setting me up for failure time and time again.

Okie, I know was that the story? No =(Just got a bit carried away with my background, story starts in 5…4…3…2…1!

Currently, I work for a large organization, I have been working for this company for the past few years. If you asked me hmm…five years ago, if I ever thought I would be working at a company like this I would probably laugh…why? Because guys…can you guess why? About 5 years ago, while I was still working my various retail jigs I had applied MULTPLE times to this very same organization and never got a phone call, a request to meet via email, no request for references anything! All I ever received was an auto-reply email thanking me for my application. Whenever I think of this I feel odd to say the least. I know 100% that my resume did not fit the high qualifications that this company required and pride themselves on having but I still always tried because I knew I could learn and do what they wanted…Unfortunately they did not see it that way and probably deleted my application? Who knows! Now I am sure you guys are thinking, well it eventually worked out for you somehow since I work there now and yes! It did but with no thanks to my resume. Without making this story any longer than it should be, what had happened is that after applying to many places I finally received a call for a phone interview (I was so happy!) I did well and this position required me to work at where I currently work but at that time I was working under a contracted company just in a different office. I worked under that company for I would say a year and a few months until an opening in that very department came up but it was to be hired with the company I was contracted to work for. I applied and TA DA! I got the job and became a permeant employee which I was SO happy about I cried tears of joy. I cried because I knew I tried before and I didn’t get through because of a piece of paper!! A PIECE OF PAPER delayed me! All I needed was an opportunity to try and of course I proved that I could do it even if I only had high school level education (yep guys, I am working on achieving a diploma but still figuring out what I want it in so for now, my highest education is high school and I am not one bit ashamed of that) I would say now I have become a very valuable player in the department but it always makes me think…They were missing out for simply judging me and not giving me a chance earlier!

 I feel that many people may find themselves in this situation and even today, I still worry. I worry that what would happen if for any reason, I had to apply for a new position, what would I have to go through again. Would my lack of education stand out the most on this piece of paper we are destined to provide to companies’? Or have things changed? Would I be able to get an opportunity to meet with a representative and verbally highlight my achievements or would I be eliminated with first glance of my resume? I would hope not, and I wish that more companies would understand there is more to people than what is written on a sheet or few sheets of paper.

That is, it for now guys! I am sure I could go on and on with this topic as it truly does bother me that your future is potentially in the hands of a piece of paper that yes in a way it speaks but can never compare to having that actual person in front of you. But I think you guys get where I am coming from, so I hope you enjoyed this read and can relate! Please share with me any similar instances you have come across, I love hearing your thoughts!

Goodnight (Good Morning, or Good evening =), depends when you are reading this) to all…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes post!



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