Fluency in Love?


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening to each and every one of you!

If you are now starting your day I hope you have a fun-filled and joyous day ahead, if you are half way through congrats! You almost made it keep going! And of course if you are winding down to the end of your day I hope you have achieved everything you set out to do today and enjoyed it at the same time =)

Question – Have you guys ever been asked what language do you speak or how many languages can you speak or! Are you fluent in various languages?

Perhaps you have been asked and I am sure many of you are talented and may speak various languages. In my case, I have been mistaken for speaking other languages and also asked if I can communicate in another language other than English. Unfortunately for me, I am not fluent in any other language and although I did go through French classes in my earlier stages of life I definitely could not carry out a conversation to save my life! I really wish I could but I cannot, maybe I will take up some lessons in the near future as I think it is super cool and useful to be able to communicate in more than one language.

But can language be defined by other means?

Yesterday morning on my commute to the gym in my area I was listening to the radio (I want to say Virgin Radio 99.9?) and they were chatting about different topics, one which happened to be love. Now mind you, my commute to the gym is fairly short so I did not get to listen in for too long but I got just enough information to spark my interest and say…hey this would be interesting to try! The topic of discussion was Love Language, what your love language means, and how being aware of these details could improve the way you and your partner work together in a relationship. Now, I was a bit confused when I first heard love language I kinda thought hmm…are they talking about the way you express your love to your partner in words? Made sense to me at first thought, Love + Language = Loving words of expression and although I was not utterly wrong it was confirmed to me that math is not my strong point (No wonder I left you in gr11). As I continued to listen I gathered further information and sorta got the idea. Love Language is how you or your partner feels most valued or appreciated through certain types of action.

For example there are a total of 5 love languages

–          Acts of Service

–          Quality Time

–          Physical Touch

–          Receiving Gifts

–          Words of Affirmation

How your love language is determined is by completing a Love language test which! I will link below my post for you all to check it out =). Once at the site you will fill out some information and also read a few details on the process. They provide you with a test that consists of two options per question so you have to select the option that you feel is of most value to you in a relationship. Now! With that being said, I will say that was tough for some questions as both answers were ideal and equally valued in my eyes and other questions it was a simple no brainer especially ones that gave me an option of spending time with my loved one in comparison to my loved one showering me with gifts…I prefer good old quality time, trying new things together, relaxing with each other etc.! I cannot recall how many questions were included but I believe I was able to get through my test within 15 minutes or so. Now for my results!

Words of Affirmation – Score 9

Acts of Service – Score 7

Quality Time – Score 7

Physical Touch – Score 5

Receiving Gifts – Score 2

I found my score to be pretty spot on with what I truly value in my relationship! Now, I do not believe this test is meant to be taken as only one of these areas are important to you while the rest are insignificant; all 5 of these aspects together make for a functioning relationship at some point throughout the course of one. I do not want to give complete definitions of these 5 areas but I will try to briefly summarize in my own words as I encourage you guys to check it out on their site for full descriptions as credit is due to them not me =)

Words of Affirmation – I would describe this area as how you and your partner communicate. Being supportive and giving positive feedback. Being there not only in presence but also being verbally there and just saying kind things to one another to assure each other that they are appreciated.

Acts of Service – Living with someone can be tough at times but especially if the workload is not split evenly. Acts of service refers to a partner jumping in to help pick up on chores around the house or going out to get groceries. Small everyday duties that can sometimes be overlooked as not a big deal but can mean the world to someone!

Quality Time – Spending good old fashion time with your partner and only your partner at that time meaning, no distractions! Today we have so many distractions around us and we may not even notice that we are occupying our minds by engaging in activities on our phone or tablet, etc. Put the distractions aside and provide 100% of your attention to your special someone!

Physical Touch – Any sort of physical interaction with each other. From holding hands, to hugs, to kisses, to any sort of touch (I will let your mind wander, I think this one is very self-explanatory)

Receiving Gifts – This may seem a bit …selfish however! It is not the matter of the extravagance of the gift being received but people with this language truly appreciate the gift being given no matter how big or small it may be.

SO GUYS! That is my little dictionary to explain these languages briefly to you; at least this is what I took away after reading this site. How it works is the highest score would be your top Love Language and as they decrease in scores those would be aspects that are yes important but not valued higher than of course your highest scored area. In my case my Love Language would be Words of Affirmation and I could definitely see why! If you guys knew my boyfriend, you could ask him if it is true! Words are SO important and special to me. They really do leave an impact when coming from someone I hold close to my heart so being able to get positive feedback or hearing what my boyfriend appreciates about me means the world to me! When he tells me I look nice or he is proud of me or I did a good job on something, =) I kinda die inside with little butterflies (but I play it cool). Another thing that has been crucial I would say in our relationship would have to be CARDS (Guys, I will post a picture of my wall I am so serious about cards!) I always tell him for any occasion that he does not have to get me anything but, he MUST get me a card and write a nice long message, that’s really all I want and I must say that is my favorite part of gifts is reading my cards. So long story short guys, I do think this test was pretty fair to what I value; all the other aspects are important to me as well but I hold words of love and support or in another words, words of affirmation near and dear to my heart!

So I guess I do speak another language, and it is a language of love which we all speak <3!

Please try it out, it is all for fun =) Let me know what your top language is and if you find it suiting to yourself! Just a heads up, I did find their information after you complete their test to be very general but I do believe if you want further details on what your top language says about you they may have a book for purchase; more information is accessible if you want it!

For now that wraps up this post for me! I hope you guys had fun reading this and please love your partner with all you have and I hope they do the same in return!

Take care!…Until the next Lifestyleforyoureyes Post

Link – http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

img_0797This is my wall guys! I totally have been hoarding my cards on here for the past 4 years plus tickets, photos, anything really that holds on memories!

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