Restaurant Take-Over Ft. Captain’s Boil

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having a great day! Today I wanted to share with you my recent experience to a restaurant called Captain’s Boil (Toronto, ON). For those of you not familiar with this restaurant, it is mainly a seafood restaurant serving up your meal…differently! At Captain’s Boil you are trading out the traditional plate, fork, knife, spoon, etc. for a bag of seafood of your choosing along with a pair of disposable gloves and bib. YES BIB! When I first heard about this place I was pretty eager to go as I am a HUGE seafood person, almost anything that comes from under the sea I will most likely eat =).  Asides from that reason, I was also interested in the experience knowing it was not a traditional restaurant. My boyfriend and I had put off going for quite some time as there had not been a location nearby until recently.  This past weekend we tried it out and here is what we thought!

Location – Convenient and accessible either by car or public transit (they have many locations in Toronto, ON)

Décor – The inside is very nice and gives a formal sit down feel as you walk in. Very clean inside and cozy seating; they have a super cool focal wall that has been engraved with a variety of sea creatures which my boyfriend and I really loved.

Menu – Not a huge selection but I can see why they keep it limited. This restaurant is made for you to come and enjoy the seafood options which they make very prominent. The menu is two pages, one all dedicated to their seafood portions and the flip side has a few different options (chicken wings,  fries, seafood fried rice, etc. I did not pay too much attention to that as I was there for the seafood!)

Service – Great! Our waitress was very friendly and helpful; she offered us her opinion on her favorite items

Budget – I would say this restaurant is budget friendly? I would be lying if I said I foot the bill so I will leave it at that!

Down to Business – 3 Step Seafood Menu

1.       Pick your poison (meat hehe not actual poison) – They have many options, crab legs, lobster, shrimp, clams, even chicken if seafood is a no no! I selected clams!

2.       Saucy sauce– I would like to say they have 4 to 5 options for the type of sauce you pick; I went with their Captain Boil’s special sauce, it seemed fitting for the occasion

3.       Lastly, do you like it hot? – Last but not least is the heat intensity that you enjoy, I personally am not a fan of super spicy foods so I stuck to mild.

My boyfriend played it safe or I guess tidy as this meal can get messy! He had chicken wings and fries. My dish came first and I was served…in a plastic bag, no cutlery just my bag of clams, gloves, and bib; I WAS READY (Bib on in full force). Ideally I would have loved a plate and fork but that would have killed the experience so I dove right in and ate. By the way when you order the meat it is only the meat coming, I was under the impression it would be served with a side of fries or salad but it was only the clams. Soon after my boyfriend’s meal was served which we then also ordered a side of the seafood fried rice since I wanted a little something more to munch on!

 Taste and impression – Everything tasted fine, the seasoning used on the clams was tasty, and it had a slight kick of heat but nothing I could not handle. The seafood fried rice was OK – the seafood included was shrimp and scallops I believe? I did not see anything other than those. Honestly speaking the rice was not very flavourful; I ended up using my boyfriend’s ranch dipping sauce that came with his wings to give it some life. As for my boyfriend’s meal, I did try a chicken wing from him which was good but nothing special. The wings were plain breaded wings, no sauce (at least we were not given options)   asides from ranch and ketchup that came on the side for dipping. He was also under the impression that the fries would be Cajun favored as they do highlight that seasoning quite a bit but, it was plain fries as well.

 End Result – Captain’s Boil was good to try for the experience; I would recommend going to try it out just for that reason of it being different! Also, I would say this restaurant is suitable for anyone really that enjoys seafood whether it be families or a date! Other than that…I do not see myself returning anytime too soon, for sure it cannot be named one of my favorite spots unfortunately.

Hope you all enjoyed my honest description on this restaurant! Please do not be discouraged to try it out, that’s what you gotta do! Try it out =) it could possibly be a favorite of yours! If you want any further details please shoot me a quick message and I will be in touch.

Another quick note here! If you are in the GTA (Toronto, ON) and have seen any restaurants that you would like to get insight to before going in, send me the details! I would be very happy to try it out and give you my thoughts =)

Bye for now…Until the next Good Eats: Restaurant take-over!

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