Adventure to Punta Cana!


Dominican Republic, what a beautiful country! Haven’t gone as yet? I strongly recommend you check it out. Here’s the insight to my Travel Adventure to Punta Cana


Time of Travel – End of November -Start of December

Flight Duration – 4-4.5 Hours roughly

Airline – Sunwing, good experience

Travelled As– A Couple, I find it great for couples, families, mature/young, Anyone really!

Weather – Nice and hot! A few showers throughout our stay but never all day, mainly evening showers

Resort – Memories Splash Resort in Punta Cana

Accommodation – GREAT! Friendly staff, variety of restaurants, access to sister resort Royalton, beautiful long beach

Exploration Opportunities – MANY!! Many chances to go off resort, we went to two nightclubs (CocoBongo & Imagine) and an Island called Saona Island which is breathtaking!  

Earlier on last year my wonderful boyfriend suggested taking me on a trip for my birthday. Let’s just say I was happy…No, I was excited…Nope; I was OVER THE MOON EXCITED! Any opportunity to go on an adventure with him is great but actually going away especially when it’s cold (Canada Weather), well that is amazing news =). We agreed on travelling to Dominican Republic and after searching through many resorts we had found THE ONE. We stayed at the Memories Splash Resort in Punta Cana and we would go again and again and again!

So overall everything was great! We had no issues with our flight, resort is beautifully kept and has tons of things to do, and we felt very safe both on and off the resort. Without getting to lengthy, I will list a few highlights but guys! I can’t stress enough that there really was no major disappointment to my trip here!

Things to Do – There is so much to do! I think this calls for a list!

1.       Like to sleep in and just catch up on some good old rest? – Clean Comfy Rooms, CHECK

2.       Enjoy Swimming, lounging in the water? -Pools on both resorts which are very clean, CHECK (They even have bubble pools)

3.       Are you a Foodie and like having different cuisine? – Many options! Italian, Mexican, International, Buffets, Japanese, etc., CHECK

4.       Do you enjoy a good night out packed with fun? Onsight Nightclub(XS Club, Royalton Side), CHECK

5.       Do you enjoy having the ability to go off resort and see the actual country? Endless excursion opportunities, CHECK

6.       Enjoy having many drink options? Delicious drinks, Premium Alcohol used, Many bars, CHECK  

7.       Need to ease some aches and pains? Wonderful Spa with affordable pricing, CHECK

8.       Want to dig your toes into powdery sand and watch a gorgeous sunset? Amazing long beach with soft sand, clear blue water, and incredible sunset, CHECK

9.       Looking for an adrenaline rush? WATERPARK, Biggest waterpark in the Caribbean they say, CHECK  

Resort Grounds – The resort itself, like I said before is beautiful! Very well kept and wildlife is visible at this resort but they are beautiful to see as it includes peacocks, ducks, and a variety of other birds.  I read many reviews about this resort and many people indicated that the grounds are slippery when wet which…Makes sense to me, fortunately we did not experience any slippery mishaps (use precaution). There are two main reasons my boyfriend and I decided on this resort and that was due to the ability of being able to use both resorts(Memories and Royalton) and also…THERE IS A WATERPARK!! Yes! We honestly were sold when we seen waterpark which was SO FUN. Long story short! It is awesome =)

 Food – Great Food! Dinner has quite a variety of options, we especially enjoyed the Mexican Restaurant. For Breakfast and lunch I must say there are not many options however, I particularly do not eat beef or pork so it was a bit harder for me to find options around this time! For both breakfast and lunch we stuck around two buffets which has a wide selection of cuisine. There are a few smaller snack bars around the resort however! They serve burgers and hot dogs which I could not eat =(. Another nice touch at this resort is that they have two cafes serving baked goods, coffee, hot chocolate, and even ice cream!

 Ok guys! As you can see I am check, check, checking away! This resort fulfilled everything and more for us and the best is we did not break the bank going here! It is very affordable and you get so much out of it. We have gone away to Jamaica as well and stayed at a VERY sought after resort(The bank felt it), when we compare the two side by side Dominican Republic knocked it out of the park! We were never bored here. Now I could go on and on about this place but I will end it off here saying it was GREAT! If there is anything in this post that you would like to know more about that I have not touched on in detail please contact me! I would be so happy to give more details!

Thanks for reading bye for now, until my next Travel adventure! (Expected… Shortly)





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