Sweet Scents


Sweet Scent Series

Hey all!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their day, while I am posting this it is a Monday which means start to a fresh week. I wish you all a sweet, progressive, and pleasant week!

Speaking of sweet! In this post I wanted to share with you some of my current and all-time favorite perfumes! I have been using some of these perfumes for a couple of years and others more recently but all in all I love them! Please see below for a list of perfumes and a few further fun facts! Please share with me your opinion on these scents if you guys have tried any out, I would love to hear your thoughts! Also please suggest to me any favorites of yours as well! I am open to trying new things =)

Scent Preference – I personally enjoy VERY sweet scents, the more candy sweet scent the better to me! I love the sweet sugary scents and to me it gives off a delicate feel. I also enjoy fruity and slightly floral, fresh scents. I must say, I am not a fan of musky tones and also do not enjoy overly floral scents as these do give me a headache = (. I know many women that strongly dislike sweet tones as well and that is perfectly fine! We all like what we like and there’s no wrong in that.

ARI & Sweet Like Candy By Ariana Grande – Received these two perfumes for my birthday last year (November 2016). I said I wanted Ariana Grande perfume and as the saying goes, “ask and you shall receive”. I definitely got her perfume, 2 of them! Which I was so happy to have as they have become two of my favorite scents. No brainer that “sweet like candy” would be one of my go to scents, it has a sugary sweet smell but not overly strong. ARI is the first perfume Ariana Grande has released and it has a warm vanilla aroma which I truly love during the winter season when you need some extra warmth!

BonBon Couture By Viktor & Rolf – LOVE this scent! This is a gorgeous perfume; it gives you that sweet and sensual feel. I would call this a statement scent as well for my collection. Although this scent is called BonBon which I would say is very known for being candy, the sweetness is not overpowering but just a perfect amount to me to use casually or on special occasions, it is very versatile. The bottle for this perfume is very feminine and pretty, I would say this design is my favorite of all listed here! It is extremely cute, a nice deep pink tone shaped as a bow and it smells amazing! What more could I ever ask for?

Hot Couture By Givenchy – Classy, sweet and subtle, again another lovely fragrance. This scent definitely has the sweet tones to it but it is not a in your face candy sweet. I like to personally wear this scent to work as it is subtle and I feel that it is a buildable scent. Need to tone it down? Two sprits will work; A night out and you want to oomph it up a bit? Add more sprits. In my opinion, this is a scent that stands out in a good subtle way. Like I said, I like wearing sweet scents but many do not enjoy that, this is a perfect scent to be used in a scenario like that to be respectful of your surroundings while enjoying a sweet scent.

Number 3 L’Imperatrice By D&G – Now this scent…Is a statement scent I would like to believe, at least for me. It is a must have scent in my collection and I am almost finished with this bottle *cries*.  This perfume is beautiful, very feminine but not overly sweet. I love spraying this stuff on my brush and brushing through my hair, the scent sticks to my hair and leaves it smelling wonderful!!! All day long =), if you are wondering, I got that brush tip from a Pin on Pinterest!

Pink Sugar – Inner kid meets young adult with a sweet tooth. Anyone else here a big fan of this scent!? I remember this was the big whoop (still a big whoop for me); most girls in my teenage years at the time would die for this stuff! I know, I know, I don’t have this perfume included in my photo because…I ran out = (.  But I had to mention this one as it is an oldie but a goodie indeed! This scent has been one of my favorites for many years; it comes in a pretty cute package and is most likely the sweetest scent on this list. If you are looking for candy, here you go!

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